Fae Farm Romance: All Marriage Candidates, Locations & Gifting Guide

Meet all the romanceable characters in Fae Farm and find out which gifts suit them best. There are plenty of personalities to pick from!

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Finding love in Fae Farm is an exciting and emotional journey, and fans will find Phoenix Labs dedicated a good deal of effort to each of the NPCs that can be asked on a date. The magical, cozy game has everything from silly frog lovers to posh, foreign personas with extravagant tastes. But who will you decide to woo – and what presents do they enjoy receiving?

Below is everything you need to know to track down the many romanceable NPCs in Fae Farm, and what you can bring them as gifts.

How Romance Works in Fae Farm

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To romance a character in Fae Farm, speak with them often or gift them what they are interested in that day. After a couple of interactions, you’ll receive a letter from your love interest asking you out on a first date. To go out with them, look for them on the map and select “Go on first date.”

Keep in mind that going on first dates doesn’t lock out the other romanceable characters’ first dates. Besides day-to-day interactions, the first date is an experience that might help you get to know the romanceable character better and decide whether they are a good match for you or not.

All Romance Options in Fae Farm


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A frog nerd who likes to spend his time having picnics near the beach. Becomes available in Chapter 1.


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A hardworking and protective being with a touch of self-doubt. Becomes available in Chapter 3.


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A jacked lumberjack. He likes to sharpen his axe. Becomes available in Chapter 1.


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A Mercitanian foreigner with exotic tastes. Becomes available in Chapter 3.


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An outdoorsy person who likes fishing and cooking. Becomes available in Chapter 3.


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A dark and mysterious being who likes books and prefers solitude. Becomes available in Chapter 3.

Fae Farm: Romance Gift Guide

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AppearanceCharacterWhat They LikeLiked Gifts
ArgyleAnything frog-relatedCommon Toad
Rainbow Frog
Frog sweat
Shell bits
Common toad
Fae Dust
GalanFood or ingredientsTomatillo
Chili Pepper
Frost Beet
Crystal Pepper
Flame Heart
Charred Fish
Azure Spud
Grilled Mushroom
Magic Bean
Baked Mac and Cheese
JackLumber, Fruit-based mealsBeech Lumber
Flutterwood Lumber
Fruit Salad
Sporewood Lumber
Oak Lumber
Candied Fruit
NhamashalIrons and polished gemsPolished Aquamarine
Polished Sapphire
Feyrite Ingot
Polished Topaz
Polished Citrine
Polished Peridot
Copper Ingot
Iron ingot
PepperArtisan Goods, Bricks & FabricsPickled Greens
Pickled Roots
Pickled Shellfish
Pickled Veggies
Clay Brick
Stone Brick
Wool Fabric
PyriaTea and other dark stuffMilk Tea
Fae Shadow
Blossom Brew
Willow Wisp
Lava Chai
Berry Tea
Green Tea
Honey Tea
Black Lily