Far Cry 5 Larry’s Notes Location Guide | Where To Find All 28 Larry’s Notes

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here are a total of 28 Larry Note’s in Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC. They are text notes that you find on man structures, usually on metallic boxes. On finding all notes you unlock the Martian Journal Trophy/Achievement. This guide will tell you all Larry’s Notes Location in Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC.

Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars Larry Note's Location

Larry’s Notes Location

Collect Larry’s Notes only after you have activated all antennas. Doing this will help you fast travel around the map, until you active all antennas it best not pick up anything till then. Picking them up before might confuse you with what you have and haven’t found. Remember the Locations of Larry’s Notes you have picked up.

Location 1


At the top of Robot Repair center on a box.

Location 2


Near Bovine Research on a very tall metallic tower.

Location 3


On a single metallic box in the dirt.

Location 4


East of Solar System Observatory on top of a metallic platform on a box

Location 5


On a box below the tall metallic tower.

Location 6


At side of the ark on the box.

Location 7


On top of a metallic tower on a box.

Location 8


Next to a metallic shrine next to a box.

Location 9


Under a wide metallic Platform where one of Hurk’s body part is there too.

Location 10


On a table inside the Robot Creation Center. As you go in

Location 11


Top of a tall metallic tower on a box.

Location 12


In the desert on a single box next to the metallic platform.

Location 13


From the Pits of Peril Antenna use your wingsuit to reach there. On top of a flying platform on a metallic box.

Location 14


In the desert on a box. Little south of the previous location.

Location 15


Next to a metallic round platform on a metal box in the desert.

Location 16


Behind the Transference Center drop down into a hole and you land near the note.

Location 17


In the middle of the desert next to some metallic rubble.

Location 18


At the Robot Storage Facility on a box.

Location 19


Near some metal rubble on a metal box on the sand, where you fight two Queens.

Location 20


At the lower level of Hemoleum Research center where the canisters are.

Location 21


Next to a metallic shrine on top of the mountain.

Location 22


Northwest entrance to the arachnid research center on a box.

Location 23


South-west area of the arachnid research center on a box

Location 24


South – East section of Arachnid research center, inside the center on a box

Location 25


The first floor of the Terraformer which is damaged. So jump from the ground to get there.

Location 26


South Section on the map on a single box.

Location 27


On top of a metallic tower. You need to jump from a nearby mountain to get this Larry’s Note because Gravity belt doesn’t work.

Location 28


Underground of the Geological Research center. It is on a box, at the exit and entry to the console with an energy core.

This is all the 28 Locations of Larry’s Notes which unlocks the DLC: Mars: Martian Journal Trophy. For more Guides on Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC refer to our Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC Wiki.