Far Cry 5 – Where to Find Perk Magazines

In Far Cry 5, you can earn Perk Points. These allow you to choose perks from different skill trees. These perks can make you harder to kill, give you new transport options, and make killing bad guys easier. Normally Perk Points are earned during play. As you achieve various challenges and milestones, such as killing enemies a certain way, or destroying Eden’s Gate property, you receive Perk Points. There is another way to get them though, if you really need access to a Perk and don’t want to wait to hit a challenge.

Where to Find Perk Magazines

Dotted around the map are Prepper Stashes. These bunkers and caches contain weapons, money, ammo, and Perk Magazines. Perk Magazines will give you a free Perk Point, and are a great way to build up a large supply of them. If you need help tracking down the Stash locations, we have a very useful guide detailing all of them. They can be a little awkward to get into, but our guide has a video for each one, showing you how to get in. Simply track down each Stash, get inside, and you will have a lot of Perk Points to spend.

It is also worth having a good look around Outposts after you have liberated them, as Perk Magazines can sometimes be found in them. You’ll need to have a good look though, as they can be quite well hidden. Finally, a small number of Perk Magazines are scattered around various small buidlings and settlements on the map, be sure you explore everywhere carefully! If you are unsure as to what Perks to get, we also have a guide detailing what we feel are the most useful Perks in the game.

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