Far Cry 6: And the Beat Goes On treasure hunt guide

This beat is pretty tough to find.

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Long abandoned, this nightclub has seen better days, and you, Dani, must explore it to find a treasured USB stick that has been left there for some time. While there’s a lot of hassle to find one song, the completionist in all of us longs to get it. Here’s how to beat the “And the Beat Goes On” treasure hunt.

To start this side quest, you must find the ¡Danza! Cave, which is located in the center of the Cruz Del Salvador region. The cave is northeast of the town of Segunda and west of Senal Ridge.

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After reading a note, break the wooden planks that block your way. Once you enter the dangerous cave, look for a glowing purple light on the ceiling. This is where you can find a hooking point that’s a disco ball. Hook up and leap over to the rickety metal platform on the left.

Use the lever to turn on the power. Now, you can get through a metal door on the other side, but be careful. There is electricity running through the water-soaked dance floor. It comes in waves, so time your movement just right to avoid getting shocked.

Next, you have to start climbing. Collect the resources around the room and then climb onto the blue-clothed ridge. Now, keep finding your way up the rocky path by grabbing onto the orange ridges. You will need to turn around with the camera to jump from one handrail to the other.

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Once you’ve finished the first set of rock climbing challenges, stay to the right of the metal path to avoid the water. At the end of the passage, you’ll see a water fountain and another platform. Time your jump so that you don’t get hit by electricity. Start climbing again, making sure you don’t come into contact with the electricity, shuffling from section to section.

Once you’ve completed the second rock climbing segment, use the grappling rope to descend and swing over to safety. Climb onto the platform on the right, which has a piano and a guitar ready to be played, and turn around. Prepare yourself for the toughest section of this hunt.

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Grapple and then time your swing perfectly to avoid the electricity and reach the platform on the other side. It might take you several tries but make sure you don’t ascend too high up as you lose your locomotion and you’ll die from a fall. When you’re across, collect the USB and other resources, and you’re finished.

It’s certainly harder than most treasure hunts like Crocodile Tears, but the reward is far greater.