Fastest safeties in Madden 23

Crash the line or catch up to receivers with these 10 defenders.

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Seeing blown coverages in Madden 23 can certainly cause instant panic when you are on defense. This is because the only hope your team has of stopping a breakout receiver is through your safeties. That is where speed comes into play. The gridiron title has several speedy safeties that are able to traverse from one sideline to the other in just a few seconds. Better yet, if these fast defenders happen to intercept the ball, they should be able to blaze their way to the end zone. Here are the fastest safeties you can find in Madden 23.

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Who are the fastest safeties in Madden 23?

Judging a player’s pace can be a tricky task in Madden 23. Of course, the Speed rating plays the biggest role. But, some players can accelerate to such a high degree, that it is possible for them to even beat out those with the best Speed. Additionally, the Speed rating doesn’t have a great impact on a player’s Overall, so expect to see a few quick safeties with lackluster defensive abilities. You can find the fastest safeties below, listed in order of the highest Speed ratings.

SpeedName and teamPositionOverallAcceleration
94JT Woods (Chargers)FS6893
94Nick Cross (Colts)SS6996
94Percy Butler (Commanders)FS6696
94Tycen Anderson (Bengals)SS6595
93Darnell Savage (Packers)FS7992
93Daxton Hill (Bengals)FS7594
93Jeremy Chinn (Panthers)SS8292
93Justin Reid (Chiefs)SS8292
93Lewis Cine (Vikings)FS7595
93Nazeeh Johnson (Chiefs)SS6594

No matter if you’re playing Franchise or Ultimate Team, the two best defenders you should be acquiring here is Jeremy Chinn and Justin Reid. Both stars are only 25 years of age, making them relatively cheap to buy in MUT, and they are the most likely to develop X-Factors over time in Franchise. You may also want to look into the fastest wide receivers, as you can compare and see which wideouts these defenders are able to keep up with.