Field research and rewards guide for Pokémon Go’s Valentine’s Day 2020 event

You have research tasks to complete over Valentine’s Day weekend in Pokémon Go


Image via The Pokémon Company from Bulbapedi and Background via Niantic

Pokémon Go‘s Valentine’s Day event for 2020 starts on Feb. 14 at 8:00am goes until Feb. 17 to 10:00pm in your local time. During this time, all players have an increased chance to capture pink-colored Pokémon, which have increased spawns. Upon capture, trainers are going to receive double the amount of candy for that Pokémon, and any lures used will last for six hours, instead of the traditional 30 minutes. The event also has a series of special research tasks available to everyone.

Catch five Slowpoke or Whismur1,000 Stardust
Catch 14 LuvdiskAlomomola encounter
Defeat Team GO Rocket GruntsChansey encounter
Evolve a HoppipCherubi encounter
Hatch three eggsLickitung encounter

You can start these tasks when the event begins on Feb. 14. That’s not the only thing happening during this time. Alomomola and Audino from the Unova region are making their Pokémon Go debut, and you can find them out in the wild. While Alomomola has a research encounter if you complete the respective task, but Audino is not. You need to rely on luck to encounter this Pokémon, so you may want to use a lure at a comfortable PokéStop to see if you can’t have one wander over to you. If you’re incubating a seven-kilometer egg, you have a chance of hatching a shiny Happiny, which means you can acquire a shiny version of Chansey and Blissey if you evolve it.

Additionally, on Feb. 15, four-star raids featuring Lickitung are going to occur from 2:00pm to 5:00pm in your local area. You may want to plan to play Pokémon Go, where you can easily find gyms during this time to increase your chances of encountering one. If you defeat it and capture it, these Lickitung can learn body slam, and you may even encounter a shiny version of it.

You have a limited time to complete everything here during the Pokémon Go Valentine’s Day event for 2020. Make sure to plan your time accordingly, and use lures whenever you can to increase your chances of encountering the increased spawns of the pink-colored Pokémon.