FIFA 21: How to complete Nation Player Andrea Bellotti Objectives challenge

Get ready for a new Objectives challenge.

On June 25, EA Sports and the FIFA 21 team kicked off Week 3 of the Festival of FUTball (FOF) Path to Glory promo. To start off the week, the FIFA team added a new Objectives challenge to FUT, with a 92 OVR Nation Player card of Torino FC striker Andrea Belotti being the prize. So, how can you add the Italian player to your collection? Let’s go over what you will need to do.

FIFA players will need to complete four different objectives for this challenge, all of which must be done in Squad Battles or Rivals. The four objectives are as follows:

  • Il Gallo – Score and assist using Forwards in eight separate Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty (or Rivals) (rewards are Gold Pack and 300 XP)
  • Build Up Play – Assist four goals using players with min. 4* Weak Foot in Squad Battles matches on min. World Class difficulty (or Rivals) (rewards are 75+ Rated Rare Player and 300 XP)
  • Italian Renaissance – Win 7 matches in Squad Battles wins on min. World Class difficulty with at least five Italian players in your starting squad (or Rivals) (rewards are Premium Gold Pack and 300 XP)
  • Serie A Finishers – Score 10 goals using Serie A players in Squad Battles matches on min. World Class difficulty (or Rivals) using defenders (rewards are Electrum Players Pack and 300 XP)

Players who finish all four will receive 300 XP towards Season 7, and the 92 OVR Belotti card.

These four objectives are somewhat similar to the ones that were a part of the FOF Lucas Hernandez Objectives challenge from last week, in the sense that you can complete this in Squad Battles. The good news with this challenge is that there are not really any wild parts to this challenge. Just make sure that your Squad Battles team has Italians and Serie A players, and you should be good to go.

This challenge will expire on July 2.