FIFA 22 FUTTIES Choice Pack: What is it, and which one should you choose?

FIFA’s Emmys are back.

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July 13 brought the announcement of FUTTIES in FIFA 22. This annual promo will include all kinds of new content and rewards for players to earn. It all kicks off on July 15. While we don’t know exactly what’s going to be included, we did get our first FUTTIES vote of the year. How do these work, which should you choose, and what else can you expect from FUTTIES in FIFA 22?

What is FUTTIES?

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FUTTIES happens every year when FIFA is winding down ahead of the next game’s release. The event has been known by different names over the years, but the content and rewards are generally the same. Ahead of most FUTTIES SBCs, players will get to vote between three different options in-game. The two players with the most votes will then receive an SBC in the following days.

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Alongside the votes, we should also get several new additions. Leaks have reported that Team of the Season and Shapeshifters will be added to Weekend League rewards and Dynamic Duos appear to be returning. We also might get “Best of” packs at some point during the reportedly five-week promo, which will give you another chance to pick up some of the best cards from the year.

The first vote is already in the game. You can vote between three different Premier League players: Manchester United’s Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Chelsea’s Kai Havertz, and Liverpool’s Luis Diaz. Whichever two players win the vote will get their Weak Foot boosted to five stars.

Which FUTTIES Nominee should you choose?

For the most part, we would tell you to choose the player who best helps your team; however, FIFA 22 is continuing an important wrinkle that we first saw last year. The Nominee items aren’t loan items, which means you can use them in SBCs. For this first set, none of the cards are too high-rated, but it’s worth keeping in mind for the future if you want to use them to complete SBCs. For instance, if someone like Harry Kane were to be a Nominee down the line, you’d have a free 90 OVR player.

FUTTIES kicks off in FIFA 22 on July 15. When it launches, we assume the winners of this vote will be available in SBCs, so make sure to check back and see if your favorite player has gotten his upgrade.