FIFA 22: How Record Breaker cards work

A new kind of FUT item has appeared.

Image via EA Sports

FIFA 22 has introduced several new card types to FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). One of those new kinds of cards is called Record Breakers. Record Breakers are new cards that are upgraded versions of previously released base items, but these are targeted for a specific purpose. Who’s eligible to receive one, and how do the upgrades work? Let’s go over the information we know about Record Breakers.

On October 19, the first FIFA 22 Record Breaker item went live in FIFA Ultimate Team. The first one was an 84 OVR item of Athletic Club striker Inaki Williams, a +3 OVR upgrade from his original base card. This item was meant to commemorate Williams’ 203rd consecutive league match for his team in LaLiga.

Electronic Arts put out a message to FUT users via the FUT Hub on the 19th, explaining what these new items will be going forward. Record Breaker items, per EA, will feature players that have “broken select high-profile records” in the soccer world. These accomplishments can include any club, league, national team, or world records.

Screenshot from Gamepur

Plyaers who are on these Record Breaker cards will receive “unique permanent upgrades” that are meant to reflect the type of record broken by the featured player.