FIFA 22: How to complete Moments Daniele Verde Objectives challenge

Here we go.

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The Team of the Year promo in FIFA 22 is now live, and so is a new Objectives challenge that ties into the event. A new 87 OVR player item of Daniele Verde, one that commemorates his overhead kick goal vs. Lazio, is now in FUT for a limited time. How can you add this card to your collection? Let’s take a look.

How to complete Moments Verde Objectives challenge

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In order to complete this challenge, you must complete four separate objectives. All of these objectives must be completed in the Live FUT Friendly: TOTY Talents. Friendlies are online exhibition matches that have no bearing on your overall record, but you will need to win some games in order to complete this challenge.

To find the friendlies in FIFA 22, scroll over to the Play tab at the FUT hub using RB/R1, and then select Friendlies. From there, select ‘Play Online’ to locate the TOTY Talents friendly.

The four objectives are as follows:

  • Venomous Verde! – Score a Volley in the Live FUT Friendly: TOTY Talents (reward is 75+ Rated Rare Player)
  • Skilled Scorer – Score three goals using Serie A players in the Live FUT Friendly: TOTY Talents (reward is Gold Pack)
  • TOTY Triumph – Win four matches in the Live FUT Friendly: TOTY Talents (reward is Small Electrum Players Pack)
  • Serie A Streak – Score in 11 separate matches using players with min. 4* Skill Moves in the Live FUT Friendly: TOTY Talents (reward is Premium Gold Pack)

Complete all four, and you will receive the 87 OVR Verde.

The requirements for the TOTY Talents friendly are as follows:

  • Clubs – Max. 1

This is a Max Chemistry friendly, so that part of lineup construction shouldn’t be a problem.

The first three objectives are rather straightforward, and if you have a good enough team to rock with in online play, even the TOTY Triumph shouldn’t be much of a hassle. The trickiest part of this challenge will be the Serie A streak objective since that does require users to score with 4* Skill Moves players.

A few examples of players that meet this requirement include:

  • TOTGS Federico Chiesa
  • Base Paulo Dybala
  • Headliners Felipe Anderson
  • TOTW Sergej Milinkovic-Savic
  • Base Lorenzo Insigne

Most of the ones listed above should work well for budget players, especially if you’ve kept up with the SBCs and Objectives challenges in the past. Other cards, that meet this requirement but are quite expensive include Hero Antonio Di Natale and Winter Wildcards Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Make sure to stack as many 4* Skill Moves players from the Serie A in the Starting XI to help with this challenge, especially upfront.

This challenge is slated to expire on February 4.