FIFA 22: How to earn XP and level up in Career Mode

Yes, you’ll need to grind.

Image via EA Sports

Career Mode players in FIFA 22 are going to need to get familiar with XP. As you’d might expect given the name, XP is short for experience points, and you will need them to progress in Career Mode. But how exactly do you earn XP in FIFA 22 Career Mode? Let’s go over what you need to know about XP and leveling up.

Much like in Pro Clubs, FIFA 22 players can earn XP simply by playing as their created (or real) player in Career Mode. However, it’s important to go over what parts of the game you should be worried about in terms of XP.

Per the FIFA developers, users can gain XP as match rewards upon completing each game. Players will receive XP based upon the match rating, and this number will represent the majority of XP earned after each game. Additionally, users can gain additional XP for performing certain actions, including scoring goals and making tackles, etc.

Another way you can earn XP is by completing training sessions. There will be three training sessions per week, and the amount of XP you receive will be based upon the type of activity. For example, strikers will receive more XP in Shooting sessions, as opposed to Defending drills. Also, you can earn special XP bonus for completing a session for the first time, as well as an additional plus for completing a challenge yourself rather than simulating through it.

Lastly, you can also earn XP through completing Match Objectives.

The more XP you earn, the more you will be able to level up and the more skill points you will acquire in Career Mode. You’ll need skill points to unlock attribute increases for your created character.