FIFA 23: How Player Personality works in Career Mode

What’s your personality?

Image via EA Sports

In early August, EA Sports and the FIFA 23 development team unveiled the new changes that will be coming to Career Mode. Arguably the most significant addition to the mode is Player Personality. This new feature affects a player on and off the pitch and will be a key influence toward attributes. So, how will Player Personality work in FIFA 23? Let’s look at the system, the archetypes, and how to upgrade attributes.

The new Player Personality in FIFA 23 will feature a new way to evolve a Career Mode player’s stats. According to the details shared by EA team in a Career Mode Deep Dive, each action on and off the pitch will have an effect on a player’s Player Personality, and thus, the stats.

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The archetypes

Player Personality features three different types: Maverick, Virtuouso, and Heartbeat. Here are the general differences between the three:

  • Maverick: Aggressively chasing goals, individualistic, and looking for stardom. Traditionally look for a more lavish lifestyle.
  • Virtuoso: Ambitious and always focused on performance. Skillful and intelligent, humble, and focus on finances.
  • Heartbeat: The pulse of the team, and displays willpower, determination, and resilience. Finances and influence are often used for charity purposes.

How to boost Player Personality

Player Personality can be boosted by playing matches, according to EA Sports. However, certain individual accomplishments boost certain types of archetypes more. For example, an assist will boost the Heartbeat category, while scoring will boost the Maverick and Virtuoso.

Image via EA Sports

However, other factors also play a role in Player Personality development. For one, position is a key factor. Each position will feature a different upgrade format for Player Personality, which means that certain actions will boost the stats of a striker compared to a center back, and vice versa. Additionally, the player attributes that get increased “are defined by distribution of Personality Points among Personalities, and the Personality Tier defines how large that increase is.”

As far as off-the-pitch activities go, shopping, investments, and teammate-related decisions will also factor into the Player Personality development.

There’s also a final tier of Player Personality, entitled the Absolute Personality. This is reached when a user reaches the final level of Player Personality. Once that is done, players can dedicate themselves to one of the archetypes, placing the majority of their points toward it, and then give extra benefits once reaching this Absolute tier.