FIFA 23: Can you play as real managers in Career Mode?

Are you Jose Mourinho or Thomas Tuchel?

Image via EA Sports

The current landscape of the football world includes quite a few iconic managers. From Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool to Pep Guardiola at Manchester City to Jose Mourinho at AS Roma, each of these well-known figures has been known to maximize their team’s performance and lead their players to greatness. These managers can be found regularly in the FIFA franchise, but Career Mode has never really given players the chance to take control of one of these figures. Will that change for FIFA 23? Thanks to a new report released by the FIFA development team, we do have an answer. Career Mode players should be pleased with this news.

Will real-world managers be playable in FIFA 23 Career Mode?

On August 1, EA Sports and the FIFA 23 development team released a new Deep Dive, focusing on Career Mode. Career Mode has allowed FIFA players to create their own custom player or coach, and take control of the pitch or a whole roster, depending on which path is chosen. While users have been able to take control of an active football player, coaches have been a different story.

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For FIFA 23, the developers have confirmed that real football managers can be used and controlled in FIFA Career Mode. This addition, per the EA development team, was implemented because of feedback received by the developers from the community.

In Career Mode, players will be able to choose from one of over 350 authentic football managers that are in FIFA 23. Over 30 of these managers will have star heads in FIFA 23, meaning they’ll look just like their real-world counterparts.

Upon selecting a real manager in Career Mode, users will be able to customize the outfit of said manager, and then choose which club that individual will be in charge of. FIFA players can either keep that manager at the same club, pick a new one, or build a club from scratch.