FIFA 23: How the World Cup Path to Glory cards work in FUT

Can you find a Path to Glory?

Image via EA Sports

The FIFA 23 World Cup promo began to roll out in FUT on November 11. The new promo highlights some of the game’s best from around the world, adding some new twists to the mode. One such twist is the addition of Path to Glory cards. These items will be eligible for future stat upgrades throughout the World Cup, but how will that work exactly? Let’s take a look at what you should know.

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How the World Cup Path to Glory cards work in FUT

For the FIFA 23 FUT World Cup promo, EA Sports will be releasing 32 Path to Glory cards, one for each nation that is participating in the event.

At the onset of the promo, each Path to Glory card will receive an initial, permanent upgrade from that player’s base item. These Path to Glory cards, however, will be eligible for more upgrades. This will depend on how far that individual’s national team advances in the group stages & knockout rounds in Qatar.

Here’s how each upgrade will break down, by round:

  • Qualify from Group Stages: +1 IF (OVR) upgrade
  • Win in Round of 16: +1 IF upgrade
  • Win in Quarterfinals: 5-star Weak Foot Upgrade
  • Win Semifinals: 5-star Skill Moves upgrade
  • Win the World Cup Final: +1 IF upgrade & three new Traits

If you’re wondering when those upgrades will roll out, here’s when EA anticipates those to happen:

  • Round of 16 upgrades start from December 3rd*.
  • Quarter Final upgrades start from December 7th.
  • Semi Final upgrades start from December 12th.
  • Final upgrades start from December 15th.
  • Winner upgrades start from December 19th.

*- Teams that qualify for the World Cup Round of 16 after two games will receive early upgrades, beginning on 11/28.

If a player’s country is knocked out in the World Cup, that Path to Glory card is no longer eligible for upgrades.

A couple of notes on these upgrades. For one, the third-place game will have no effect on the overalls and stats of Path to Glory cards. Second, players will not need to be a part of the games, nor their team. A Path to Glory player will receive an upgrade, so long as that individual’s national team moves on.

Also, you’ll want to know what will happen if a player is scheduled to receive a Weak Foot or Skill Moves upgrade, but already has five stars in that category. Per EA, that card will instead receive a +1 IF upgrade.