FIFA 23: How to upgrade Player Personality in Player Career Mode

Are you a Maverick, Virtuoso, or Heartbeat?

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FIFA 23 Player Career Mode puts you in the boots of your own created soccer star. This year, your player has three different Personality types that can fall under based on your decisions. These are Maverick, Virtuoso, and Heartbeat. Each type will give you boosts to different attributes, so raising your Personality points is important in your quest to become a superstar. Fortunately, the process for upgrading all three types is the same, making the process relatively simple. Here’s how to upgrade your Player Personality.

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The best ways to upgrade your Player Personality in FIFA 23

There are several ways to upgrade your Player Personality. Below, we’ll list them in the order we found the quickest.

Complete your Match Objectives

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Before each match, you’ll be given a few objectives. You’ll also need to select one that’s “enhanced.” If you complete this objective, you’ll pick up some extra Personality points. You also get points for doing different things in the match, so make sure to look at your post-match report and note which statistic gives you points in your chosen personality.

Do your weekly training

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Training is mostly used to build XP to help you level up and boost your attributes. That said, each type of training is also related to a Personality. The boost isn’t too big, but it adds up over time.

Shop til you drop

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FIFA 23 has added several new player decisions that you can make during your career. You can use these by spending the money you earn and almost all of them will boost at least one of your Personalities. Make sure to keep an eye on these and your bank account as you make your way through your career. As with training, these small boosts will add up over time.