FIFA 23: How to upgrade attributes in Player Career Mode

Become the best in the world.

Image via EA Sports

In FIFA 23’s Player Career Mode, the main goal for most players is to make their created character into the best player in the world. To get there, you’ll need to upgrade their attributes massively. After all, you’ll start the game in the 60 OVR range, meaning you’ll need to boost your OVR by around 30 to pass Kylian Mbappe and other top players. Let’s take a look at the best ways to upgrade your attributes in Player Career Mode.

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The best ways to upgrade attributes in FIFA 23 Player Career Mode

There are several ways to boost your skill ratings. We’ll detail them all below, starting with the ways that get you upgraded the quickest.

Do your weekly training

Screenshot by Gamepur

Each week, you’ll get the option to do different challenges in training. These are generally pretty simple and give you quite a bit of experience, which means you’ll level up fast. It’s also worth noting that after doing a training once, you can then simulate it every time after to get the same boost you got the first time.

By doing this, you can pretty quickly move up the rankings. This takes away quite a bit of the realism of the mode, so you might consider skipping training every now and then to keep your player from improving too quickly. If you don’t care about realism, feel free to spam training as often as possible.

Complete your match objectives

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Before each match, you’ll get three objectives to complete. These change based on your position, but they’re generally relatively easy. Completing these will give you slight boosts to certain stats and provide a chunk of XP. As with training, you’ll want to maximize these if you want to move your OVR rating up quickly.

Make the correct decisions

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FIFA 23 has added a new decision feature, which gives you something to spend your money on. Most of the time, these purchases or decisions are tied to your Personality, but sometimes you get ones that upgrade your stats. As you can see above, buying a new trampoline gives you a boost in Jumping. We haven’t seen these pop up too frequently, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

If you do these three things, your OVR rating will quickly explode upward. It’s just too bad you can’t bring your created player over to Ultimate Team and have him become one of the best attackers, midfielders, or defenders in the game.