Final Fantasy XIV: All main story quests

See what quests you’ll be going through in the main story for Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV is full of content and things to do, including an extensive amount of main quests to do. From the original launch of the game to its re-release and all the expansions that have followed, there are many story missions for you to undertake as you level up and build your character.

Before you jump into this long list of missions, check out our list right here to see just how many are in store for you.

Seventh Umbral Era

Levels 1 – 15

Gridania Quest Chain

These are the beginner quests for players who choose to play as an Archer, Lancer, or Conjurer.

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Close to Home1Mother Miounne
To the Bannock 4Mother Miounne
Passing Muster5Galfrid
Chasing Shadows5Galfrid
Eggs Over Queasy7Galfrid
Surveying the Damage8Monranguin
A Soldier’s Breakfast9Pauline
Spirithold Broken9Galfrid
On to Bentbranch10Mother Miounne
You Shall Not Trespass10Keitha
Don’t Look Down11Osha Jaab
In the Grim Darkness of the Forest11Theodore
Threat Level Elevated11Roseline
Migrant Marauders12Eylgar
A Hearer is Often Late13 Lothaire
Salvaging the Scene13Armelle
Leia’s Legacy14Luquelot
Dread Is in the Air14Luquelot
To Guard a Guardian14 Mother Miounne
Festive Endeavors14Lewin
Renewing the Covenant14Mouther Miounne
The Gridanian Envoy15Kan-E-Senna
Call of the Sea15Bartholomew

Limsa Lominsa Quest Chain

These are the beginner quests for players who choose to play as a Marauder or Arcanist.

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Close to Home1Baderon
On to Summerford4Baderon
Dressed to Call 5Staelwyrn
Lurkers in the Grotto5Staelwyrn
Washed Up7Staelwyrn
Double Dealing8Staelwyrn
Loam Maintenance9Gurcant
Plowshares to Swords9Pfrewahl
Just Deserts9Staelwyrn
Thanks a Million11Wyrkrhit
Relighting the Torch11Fraeloef
On to the Drydocks11H’naanza
Without a Doubt12Ahtbyrm
Righting the Shipwright12Haldbroda
Do Angry Pirates Dream13Ahtybyrm
Victory in Peril14Ghimthota
Men of the Blue Tattoos14Ghimthota
Feint and Strike14Baderon
High Society14Reyner Hansred
A Mizzenmast Repast14Baderon
The Lominsan Envoy15Merlwyb
Call of the Sea15Bartholomew

Ul’Dah Quest Chain

These are the beginner quests for players who choose to play as a Gladiator, Pugilist, or Thaumaturge.

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Close to Home1Momodi
We Must Rebuild4Momodi
Nothing to See Here5Papashan
Underneath the Sultantree5Papshan
Step Nine6Cicidoa
Prudence at This Junction8Warin
Ou of House and Home9Warin
Way Down in the Hole9Zuzumeda
Takin’ What They’re Given10Momodi
Supply and Demands10Dadanen
Give It to Me Raw10Drunken Stag
The Perfect Swarm11Drunken Stag
Last Letter to Lost Hope11Fufulupa
Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow12Leofric
Passing the Blade12Leofric
Following Footfalls13Fufulupa
Storms on the Horizon13Nunuzofu
Oh Captian, My Captain14Merilda
Secrets and Lies14Fufulupa
Duty, Honor, Country14Momodi
A Matter of Tradition14Owyne
A Royal Reception14Momodi
The Ul’Dahn Envoy15Raubahn
Call of the Sea15Serpent Officer

From this point on, every class will share the same quests.

Levels 15 – 20

QuestLevelQuest Giver
It’s Probably Pirates15Baderon
Call of the Forest15Baderon
Fire in the Gloom16Mother Miounne
Call of the Desert16Mother Miounne
Into a Chopper Hell17Momodi
The Scions of the Seventh Dawn17Momodi
A Wild Rose by Any Other Name17Minfilia
Unsolved Mystery17Isembard
What Poor People Think18Isembard
A Proper Burial18Isembard
For the Children19Isembard
Amalj’aa Wrong Places19Isembard
Dressed to Deceive19Isembard
Life, Materia and Everything19Minfilia
Lord of the Inferno20Minfilia
A Hero in the Making20Minfilia
The Company You Keep (Immortal Flames)20Flame Officer
For Coin and Country20Flame Personnel Officer
The Company You Keep (Maelstrom)20Storm Officer
Till Sea Swallows All20Storm Personnel Officer
The Company You Keep (Twin Adder)20Serpent Officer
Wood’s Will Be Done20Serpent Personnel Officer
Sylph-Management 20Minfilia
We Come in Peace20Vorsaile Heuloix
Sylphic Studies20Rolfe Hawthorne
First Impressions20Rolfe Hawthorne

Levels 21 – 20

QuestLevelQuest Giver
First Contact21Rolfe Hawthorne
Dance Dance Diplomacy21Yda
Forest Friend21Papalymo
Presence of the Enemy21Komuxio
Brotherly Love22Komuxio
Spirited Away22Komuxio
Druthers House Rules22Buscarron
Never Forget23Buscarron
Like Fine Wine23Tetroon
Sylphish Concerns23Buscarron
Nouveau Riche23Buscarron
Into the Beast’s Maw24Buscarron
A Simple Gift23Buscarron
Believe in Your Sylph24Komuxio
Back from the Wood24Vorsaile Heuloix
Shadow of Darkness23Minfilia
Highbridge Times24Hihibaru
Where There Is Smoke25Hihibaru
On to Little Ala Mhigo25Hihibaru
Tea for Three25Gisilbehrt
Foot in the Door25Gisilbehrt
Meeting with the Resistance26Minfilia
Killing Him Softly26Minfilia
Helping Horn26Meffrid
He Ain’t Heavy27Meffried
Come Highly Recommended27Meffrid
The Bear and the Young’uns Cares27Gundobald
Wilred Wants You27Hremfing
Big Trouble in Little Ala Mhigo27Gundobald
Back to Square One27Gundobald
Terror at Fallgourd27Minfilia
Ziz Is So Ridiculous28Aideen
Rock of Rancor28Aideen
Seeing Eye to Winged Eye28Ivaurault
Power of Deduction28Medrod
Secret of the White Lily28Aethelmaer
Skeletons in her Closet28Ursandel
Wrath of the Titan30Minfilia
Tales from the Tidus Slayer 30Trachtoum
The Lominsan way30Trachtoum
Nix That30Wheiskaet
A Modest Proposal30Wheiskaet
Trial by Turtle30Landenel

Levels 31 – 40

QuestLevelQuest Giver
The Perfect Prey31U’odh Nunh
When the Worm Turns21U’odh Nunh
There and Back Again31U’odh Nunh
The Things We Do for Cheese32Wheiskaet
What Do You Mean You Forgot the Wine32Wheiskaet
An Offer You Can Refuse32Shamani Lohmani
It Won’t Work32Shamani Lohmani
Give a Man a Drink33Shamani Lohmani
That Weight33Drest
Battle Scars33Drest
It Was a Very Good Year33Shamani Lohmani
In the Company of Heroes33Y’shtola
As You Wish33Wheiskaet
Lord of Crags34Riol
All Good Things34Y’shtola
You Can’t Take It with You35Marques
Bringing Out the Dead35Eluned
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie35Eluned
Eyes on Me35Marques
He Who Waited Behind36Iliud
Cold Reception36Vortefaurt
The Unending War36Ludovoix
Men of Honor36Jocea
Three for Three36Portelaine
The Rose and the Unicorn36Carrilaut
The Talk of Coerthas37Haurchefant
Road to Redemption38Haurchefant
Following the Evidence38Haurchefant
In the Eyes of Gods and Men38Haurchefant
The Final Fight of the Enterprise38Haurchefant
Ye of Little Faith39Brunadier
Factual Folklore39Haustefort
The Best Inventions39Cid
Influencing Inquisitors40Cid
By the Lights of Ishgard40Alphinaud
Blood for Blood40Alphinaud
The Heretic Among Us40Drillemont

Levels 41 – 50

Quest LevelQuest Giver
In Pursuit of the Past41Alphinaud
Into the Eye of the Storm41Cid
Sealed with Science41Lamberteint
With the Utmost Care41Hahasako
A Promising Prospect41Lamberteint
It’s Probably Not Pirates42Ceana
Representing the Representative42Ceana
The Reluctant Researcher42Ceana
Sweet Somethings42Davyd
History Repeating 42Davyd
The Curious Case of Giggity43Ceana
Better Late than Never43Hedyn
Lady of the Vortex44Cid
Casing the Castrum44Y’shtola
Eyes on the Empire44Portelaine
Footprints in the Snow44Pierremons
Monumental Hopes44Wedge
Notorious Biggs44Wedge
Getting Even with Garlemald44Glaumunt
Acting the Part45Glaumunt
Dressed for Conquest45Sark Malark
Drowning Out the Voices 45Cid
Fool Me Twice46Glaumunt
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magitek46Cid
Escape from Castrum Centri46Cid
The Black Wolf’s Ultimatum46Minfilia
Operation Archon49Minfilia
A Hero in Need49Allied Communications Officer
Hearts on Fire49Edelstein
Rock the Castrum50Raubahn
The Ultimate Weapon50Raubahn

Seventh Astral Era

Patch 2.1 (A Realm Awoken)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
The Price of Principles50Minfilia
Moving On50Minfilia
All Things in Time50F’lhaminn
Laying the Foundation50Minfilia
It’s Possibly a Primal50Tataru
Hail to the King, Kupo50Vorsaile Heloix
You Have Selected Regicide50E-Sumo-Yan
On the Properties of Primals50Raya-O-Senna
The Gifted50Minfilia
Build on the Stone50Minfilia

Patch 2.2 (Through the Maelstrom)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Still Waters50Minfilia
A Final Temptation50Thancred
The Mother of Exiles50Thancred
Promises to Keep50Raubahn
Yugiri’s Game50Hozan
Why We Adventure50Hozan
All Due Respect50Alphinaud
The Sea Rises50Minfilia
Scouts in Distress50Falkbryda
The Gift of Eternity50Falkbryda
Into the Heard of the Whorl50Merlwyb
Lord of the Whorl50Eynzahr Slafyrsyn
When Yugiri Met the Fraternity50Zanthael
Through the Maelstrom50Yugiri

Patch 2.3 (Defenders of Eorzea)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
The Great Divide50Minfilia
Desperate Times 50Alphinaud
Shock and Awe50Terrified Refugee
Reap the Whirlwind50Swift
Stories We Tell50Alphinaud
Lord of Levin50Minfilia
Levin an Impression50Paplymo
What Little Gods Are Made Of50Serpent Lieutenant
Guardian of Eorzea50Tataru
Recruiting the Realm50Alphinaud
Heretical Harassment50Minfilia
When the Cold Sets In50Haurchefant
Brave New Companions50Slafborn

Patch 2.4 (Dreams of Ice)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Traitor in the Midst50Minfilia
Back and Fourth50Ilberd
Coming to Terms50Alphinaud
The Intercession of Saints50Alphinaud
Strength in Unity50Alphinaud
Dark Words, Dark Deeds50Drillemont
First Blood 50Drillemont
The Path of the Righteous50Drillemont
For the Greater Good50Alphinaud
Tendrils of Intrigue50Alphinaud
Chasing Ivy50Ilberd
In Flagrante Delicto50Shinobi
A Simple Plan50Minfilia
The Instruments of Our Deliverance50Minfilia
The Road Less Traveled50Moenbryda
Eyes Unclouded50Alphinaud
The Reason Roaille50Minfilia
Let Us Cling Together 50Alphinaud

Patch 2.5 (Before the Fall – Part 1)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Good Intentions50Minfilia
Bait and Switch50Ilberd
Best Laid Schemes50Ilberd
The Rising Chorus50Tataru
Aether on Demand50Alphinaud
On the Counteroffensive50Edelstein
An Uninvited Ascian50Edelstein
IN memory of Meonbryda50Minfilia

Patch 2.55 (Before the Fall – Part 2)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Mask of Grief50Minfilia
Defenders for Ishgard50Alphinaud
The Wyrm’s Roar50Alphinaud
Committed to the Cause50Alphinaud
Volunteer Dragonslayers50Minfilia
An Allied Perspective50Tataru
The Steps of Faith50Marcelain
Administrative Decision50Minfilia
An Unexpected Ambition50Minfilia
Ancient Ways, Timeless Wants50Tataru
Where We Are Needed50Minfilia
The Least Among Us50Unsettled Scholar
A Time to Every Purpose50Minfilia
Come, But Not Gone50Minfilia
The Parting Glass50Momodi
Before the Dawn50Haurchefant

Heavensward Main Scenario Quests

Levels 50 – 51

Main Quest Chain

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Coming to Ishgard50Alphinaud
Taking in the Sights50Alphinaud
The Better Half50House Fortemps Manservant

Artoirel Quest Chain

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Over the Wall50Artoirel
Work in Progress50Redwald
The First and Foremost50Rothe
From on High50Thierremont
Reconnaissance Lost50Redwald
At the End of Our Hope50Artoirel
Knights Be Not Proud50Artoirel

Emmanellain Quest Chain

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Onwards and Upwards50Emmanellain
An Indispenable Ally50Laniaitte
Meeting the Neighbors50Laniaitte
Sense of Urgency50Marielle
Hope Springs Eternal50Marielle
A Series of Unfortunate Events50Honoroit
A Reward Long in Coming50Emmanellain

Main Quest Chain (Continued)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Divine Intervention50House Fortemps Steward
Flame General Affairs51Alphinaud
In Search of Raubahn51Higiri
Keeping the Flame Alive51Hozan
To Siege or Not to Siege51Alphinaud
Alphinaud’s Way51Alphinaud
In Search of Iceheart51Alphinaud
From One Heretic to Another51Expedition Leader
Sounding Out the Ampitheatre51Alphinaud
Camp of the Convictors51Alphinaud
Purple Flame, Purple Flame51Estinien

Levels 52-53

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Where the Chocobos Roam52Ysayle
Worse than Dragons52Marcechamp
The Trine Towers52Ysayle
Gifts for the Outcasts52ysayle
The Nonmind52Alphinaud
A Gnathic Deity53Ysayle
Breaking Into Hives53Alphinaud
Lord of the Hive53Ysayle
Mourn in Passing 53Alphinaud
Beyond the Clouds53Alphinaud

Levels 54-55

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Mountaintop Diplomacy54Alphinaud
Moghan’s Trial54Moghan
Mogmug’s Trial54Mogmug
Mogwin’s Trial54Mogwin
Moglin’s Judgment54Moglin
Leaving Moghome54Moghan
The Road to Zenith54Moghan
Waiting for the Wind to Change54Moghan
Heart of Ice54Moghan
The Wyrm’s Lair54Alphinaud
New Winds, Old Friends54Estinien
A General Summons 54Tatru
Awakening in Ul’dah54Alphinaud
A Brave Resolution54Alphinaud
Ready to Fly55Alphinaud
Into the Aery55Estinien
The Song Begins55Estinien

Levels 56-57

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Unrest in Ishgard56`Estinien
He Who Would Not Be Denied56Haurchefant
Ill-Weather Friends56Alphinaud
The Spice of Life56Alphinaud
Noble Indiscretions56Gibrillont
A Child Apart56Gibrillont
Fire and Blood57Alphinaud
A Knight’s Calling57Hilda Ware
The Sings of Antiquity57Alphinaud
In Search of the Soleil57Lucia
Into the Blue57Alphinaud
Familiar Faces57Alphinaud
Devourer of Worlds57Lonu Vanu
Black and the White57Alphinaud
Bolt, Chain, and Island57Alphinaud
A Difference of Opinion57Alphinaud
One Good Turn57Cid
An Engineering Enterprise57Alphinaud
Aetherial Trail57Tataru
Lost in the Lifestream57Alphinaud
Tataru’s Surprise57Tataru
Onward to Sharlayan57Y’shtola

Levels 58-60

QuestLevelQuest Giver
A Great New Nation58Y’shtola
Golems Begone58Slowfix
An Illuminati Incident58Slowfix
Leaving Idyllshire58Slowfix
Matoya’s Cave59Y’shtola
Forbidden Knowledge59Matoya
An Eye for Aether59Matoya
Hour of Departure59Alphinaud
The First Flight of the Excelsior59Alphinaud
Systematic Exploration59Cid
In Node We Trust59Guidance Node
Chimerical Maintenance59Guidance Node
Close Encounters of the VIth Kind59Guidance Node
Fetters of Lament59Guidance Node
Heavensward60Guidance Node

Dragonsong War Quests

Patch 2.1 (As Goes Life, So Goes Darkness)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
An Uncertain Future60Alphinaud
Breaking the Cycle60Lucia
Another Time, Another Place60Alphinaud
In the Eye of the Beholder60Krile
A Little Slow, A Little Late60Alphinaud
Dreams of the Lost60Alphinaud
Against the Dying of the Light60Lucia
As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness60Lucia

Patch 3.2 (The Gears of Change)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
As it Once Was60Tataru
The Word of the Mother60Alphinaud
This War of Ours60Alphinaud
Staunch Conviction60Lucia
Once More, A Favor60Emmenellain
For Those We Have Lost60Emmanellain
A Spectacle for the Ages 60Lucia
For Those We Can Yet Save60Aymeric
Causes and Costs60Alphinaud

Patch 3.3 (Revenge of the Horde)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
The Man Within60House Fortemps Knight
An Ally for Ishgard60Alphinaud
Winning Over the Wyrm60Alphinaud
An End to the Song60Aymeric
Heroes of the Hour60Alphinaud
Litany of Peace60Aymeric

Patch 3.4 (Soul Surrender)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Promises Kept60House Fortemps Knight
Shadows of the First60Alphinaud
Two Sides of a Coin60Alphibaud
Unlikely Allies60Bloeidin
The Beast That Mourned t the Heart of the Mountain60Ga Bu
Beneath a Star-Filled Sky60Alphinaud
When We Were Trees60Alphinadu
Honorable Heroes60Papalymo
One Life for One World60Alphinaud
An Ending to Mark a New Beginning 60Alphinaud

Patch 3.5 (The Far Edge of Fate – Part 1)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Tidings from Gyr Abania60Tataru
An Envoy for Ishgard60Lucia
An Allied Decision60Aymeric
Griffin, Griffin on the Wall60Alisaie
Louisoix;s Finest Student60Alphinaud

Patch 3.56 (The Far Edge of Fate – Part 2)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
The Obvious Solution60Alisaie
The Greater Obeisance60Alphinaud
Fly Free, My Pretty60Yda
The Far Edge of Fate60Alphinaud

Stormblood Main Scenario Quests

Levels 60 – 61

Main Quest Chain

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Beyond the Great Wall60Alphinaud
Lyse Takes the Lead60Lyse
The Promise of a New Beginning60Conrad
A Haven for the Bold60Alphinaud
A Bargain Struck60Alisaie

M’naago Quest Chain

QuestLevelQuest Giver
A Friend of a Friend in Need60M’naago
Signed, Sealed, to Be Deliver 6060M’naago
Best Served with Cold Steel60Raubahn
Let Fill Your Hearts with Pride60M’naago

Meffrid Quest Chain

QuestLevelQuest Giver
A Familiar Face Forgotten60Meffrid
The Prodigal Daughter60Meffrid
Hard Country60Griseldis
Death by a Thousand Rocks60Angry Coeurl
A Life More Ordinary60Meffrid
The Color of Angry Qiqirn60Meffrid
The Black Wold’s Pups60Lyse
Homeward Bound60Meffrid

Main Quest Chain (Continued)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Where Men Go as One60Conrad
Future Past, Furute Dust60Beves
A Dash of Green60Ahelissa
Ya Wayward Brothers60Ananta Battlemaid
Token of Faith60Swarthy Resistance Fighter
Crossing the Velodyna61Alpinaud
In Crimson It Began61Pipin
The Fires Fade61Raubahn
Bereft of Hearth and Home61Pipin
Divide and Conquer 61Conrad
Lies, Damn Lies, and Pirates61Alisaie
Tales from the Far East61Alphinaud
Not Without Incident61Lyse
The Man from Utah61Alphinaud
Where the Streets Are Paved with Koban61Alphinaud
By the Grace of Lord Lolorito61Hancock
A Good Samurai Is Hard to Find61Alphinaud
It’s Probably a Trap61Lyse
Making the Catfish Song61Lyse

Levels 62-63

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Once More, to the Ruby Sea62Gosetsu
Open Water62Soroban
Boys with Boats62Tansui
To Bend with the Wind62Soroban
Confederate Consternation62Alisaie
The Solace of the Sea62Afumi
The Arrows of Misfortune62Kajika
The Last Voyage62Aranami
Alisaie’s Stones62Hirase
Under the Sea62Rasho
Of Kojin and Kami62Soroban
In Soroban We Trust63Soroban
Forever and Ever Apart63Lyse
In Darkness the Magatama Dreams63Alisaie
The Whims of the Divine63Alisaie
Breaking and Delivering63Alisaie
The Lord of the Revel63Alisaie
Tides Goes In, Imperials Go Out63Lyse
A Silence in Three Parts63Gosetsu

Levels 64-65

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Life After Doma64Gosetsu
A Glimpse of Madness64Liberation Front Gua4rd
The Subborn Remainder64Yugiri
The Ones We Leave Behind64Yugiri
A New Ruby Tithe64Yugiri
The Will to Live64Yugiri
Daughter of the Deep64Yugiri
Path of No Return64Gosetsu
The Time Between the Seconds64Gosetsu
All the Little Angels64Isse
Here There Be Xaela65Yugiri
The Search for Lord Hien65Yugiri
A Season for War65Cirina
An Impossible Dream65Cirina
Stars in the Dark65Hien
A Warrior’s Welcome65Cirina
The Heart of Nations65Cirina
A Trial Before the Trial65Hien
In the Footsteps of Bardam the Brave65Hien
The Children of azim65Lyse

Levels 66-67

QuestLevelQuest Giver
The Labors of Magnai66Baatu
For Love of the Moon66Hien
Sworn Enemies of the Sun66Magnai
The Undying Ones66Gosetsu
A Final Peace66Gosetsu
As the Gods Will66Gosetsu
Glory to the Khagan66Hien
In Crimson They Walked66Hien
The Hour of Reckoning66Hien
The Room Where It Happpened67Alphinaud
How Tataru Got Her Groove Back67Tataru
Seeds of Despair67Alphinaud
The Limits of Our Endurance67Alisaie
Broken Steel Broken Men67Tsuranuki
The Doma Within67Lyse
On the Eve of Desinty67Hien
The Die is Cast67Hien
The World Turned Upside Down67Alphinaud
A Swift and Secret Departure67Alphinaud
While You Were Away67Alphinaud
Rhalgr’s Beacon67Raubahn
The Fortunes of War67Conrad
Rising Fortunes, Rising Spirits67Conrad
The Lure of the Dream67Alphinaud
The Lady of Bliss67Vajra
The Silence of the Gods67Vajra

Levels 68-70

QuestLevelQuest Giver
The First of Many68Alphinaud
Strong and Unified68M’naago
Hells Open68Alisaie
Heaven’s Weep68Alisaie
The Road Home68Alphinaud
For the Living and the Dead68Alphinaud
Above the Churning Waters68Lyse
The Path Forward68Lyse
With Tired Hands We Toil68Alphinaud
Where Courage Endures68Lyse
The Price of Freedom68Alphinaud
Raubahn’s Invitation69Raubahn
Libery or Death69Raubahn
The Lady in Red69Lyse
Upon the Great Loch’s Shore69Lyse
The Key to Victory69Alphinaud
The Resonant69Lyse
The Legacy of Our Fatehrs69Alphinaud
The Measure of His Reach70Raubahn

The Legend Returns Quests

Patch 4.1 (The Legend Returns)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Arenvald’s Adventure70Lyse
The Darkness Below70Alphinaud
The Mad King’s Throne70Alphinaud
The Butcher’s Blood70Arenvald
Echoes of an Echo70Lyse
A Sultana’s Strings70Alphinaud
A Sultana’s Duty70Nanamo Ul Namo
A Sultana’s Resolve70Nanamo Ul Namo
Securign the Saltery70Nanamo Ul Namo
A Blissful Arrival70Alphinaud
Return of the Bull 70Raubahn

Patch 4.2 (Rise of a New Sun)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Tidings from the East70Lyse
The Sword in the Stone70Alphinaud
Hope on the Waves70Yugiri
Elation and Trepidation70Yugiri
Storm on the Horizon70Hien
His Forgotten Home70Alisaie
A Guilty Conscience70Asahi
Rise of a New Sun70Hien

Patch 4.3 (Under the Moonlight)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Gosetsu and Tsuyu70Alphinaud
Gone Like the Morning Dew70Hien
Fruits of Her Labor70Hien
Conscripts and Contingencies70Hien
The Primary Agreement 70Hien
Under the Moonlight70Alisaie
Emissary of the Dawn70Alisaie

Patch 4.4 (Prelude in Violet)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Sisterly Act70Alisaie
Feel the Burn70Hien
Shadows in the Empire70Hien
A Power in Slumber70Hien
The Will of the Moon70Y’shota
The Call70Y’shota
Prelude in Violet70Alisaie

Patch 4.5 Part 1 (A Requiem for Heroes)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Soul Searching70Alisaie
A Defector’s Tidings70Alisaie
Seiryu’s Wall70Hien
Parley on the Front Lines70Hien
The Face of War70Lyse

Patch 4.56 Part 2 (A Requiem for Heroes)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
A Brief Reprieve70Hoary Boulder
A Requiem for Heroes70Resistance Fighter

Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests

Levels 70-71

Main Quest Chain

QuestLevelQuest Giver
The Syrcus Trench70Tataru
City of the First70Crystal Extarch
Travelers of Norvrandt70Crystal Exarch

Alphinaud Quest Chain

QuestLevelQuest Giver
In Search of Alphinaud70Crystal Exarch
A Still Tide70Szem Djenmai
Open Arms, Closed Gate70Alphinaud
A Fickle Existence70Alphinaud
City of Final Pleasures70Alphinaud
Free to Sightsee70Alphinaud
A Taste of Honey70Amiable Maiden
A Blessed Instrument70Alphinaud
Emergent Splendor70Alphinaud

Alisaie Quest Chain

QuestLevelQuest Giver
In Search of Alisaie70Crystal Exarch
City of the Mord70Cassard
Working Off the Meal70Cassard
A Desert Crossing70Tesleen
Following in Her Footprints70Tesleen
Culling Their Ranks70Alisaie
A Purchase of Fruit70Tesleen
The Time Left to Us70Tesleen
Tears on the Sand70Alisaie

Main Quest Chain (Continued)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
The Lightwardens71Crystal Exarch
Warrior of Darkness71Crystal Exarch

Levels 72-73

QuestLevelQuest Giver
An Unwelcome Guest72Manager of Suites
The Crystarium’s Resolve72Crystla Exarch
Logistics of War72Szem Djenmai
The Oracle of Light72Lyna
Il Mheg, the Faerie Kingdom72Thancred
Sul Uin’s Request72Sul Uin
Ys Iala’s Errand72Ys Isla
Oul Sigun’s Plea72Oul Sigun
Unto the Truth72Thancred
Courting Cooperation72Urianger
The Key to the Castle73Sul Uin
A Visit to the New Mou73Urianger
A Fitting Payment73Wyd Aenc
Spore Sweeper73Ys Gyuf
The Lawless Ones73Wyd Lad
The Elder’s Answer73Wyd Lad
A Resounding Roar73Urianger
Memnto of a Friend 73Seto
Acht-Ia Ormh Inn73Seto
The Wheel Turns73Thancred

Levels 74-75

QuestLevelQuest Giver
A Party Soon Divided74Manager of Suites
A Little Faith 74Urianger
Into the Dark74Urianger
A Day in the Neighborhood74Y’shtola
A Helping Hand74Runar
Lost But Not Forgotten74Runar
Saying Good-Bye74Runar
Stirring Up Trouble74Y’shtola
A Beeautiful Plan74Y’shtola
An Unwanted Proposal74Y’shtola
Put to the Proof74Urianger
Into the Wood75Y’shtola
Top of the Tree75Cymet
Look to the Stars75Almet
Mi Casa, Toupasa75Almet
Legend of the Not-So-Hidden Temple75Almet
The Aftermath 75Almet
In Good Faith75Urianger
The Burden of Knowledge75Almet
Bearing With It75Y’shtola

Levels 76-77

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Out of the Wood76Y’shtola
When It Rains76Manager of Suites
Word from On High76Alisaie
Small Favors76Lyna
The Best Way Out76Thancred
Free Trade76Thancred
The Trolley Problem76Zhun Zun
Rust and Ruin76Thaffe
On Track76Minfilia
Down for Maintenance76Jeryk
The Truth Hurts76Jeryk
A Convenient Distraction77Thancred
A Dirty Job77Guthjon
Have a Heart77Guthjon
Full Steam Ahead77Magnus
A Fresh Start77Ryne
More Than a Hunch 77Ryne
Return to Eulmore77Manager of Suites
A Feast of Lies77Urianger
Paradise Fallen77Thancred

Levels 78-80

QuestLevelQuest Giver
The Ladder78Alphinaud
The View from Above78Urianger
In Mt. Gulg’s Shadow78Alisaie
A Gigantic Undertaking78Alisaie
Meet the Tholls78Tristol
A-Digging We Will Go78Xamott
The Duergar’s Tewel78Korutt
Rich Veins of Hope78Crystal Exarch
That None Shall Ever Again78Alphinaud
A Breath of Respite78Chai-Nuzz
Extinguishing the Last Light79Chai-Nuzz
Reassuring the Masses79Manager of Suites
In His Garden79Katliss
The Unbroken Thread79Lyna
To Storm-Tossed Seas79Urianger
Waiting in the Depths79Thancred
City of the Ancients79Y’shtola
The Light of Inspiration79Y’shtola
The Illuminati Land80Grenoldt
The End of the World80Alisaie
A Greater Purpose80Alphinaud

Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests

Patch 5.1 (Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Shaken Resolve80Tataru
A Grand Adventure80Crystal Exarch
A Welcome Guest80Alphinaud
Good for the Soul80Beq Lugg
Nowhere to Turn80Kai-Shirr
A Notable Absence80Alphinaud
For the People80Alphinaud
Finding Good Help80Chai-Nuzz
Moving Forward80Chai-Nuzz
Vows of Virtue, Deeds of cruelty80Alphinaud

Patch 5.2 (Echoes of a Fallen Star)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
Old Enemies, New Threats80Krile
The Way Home80Krile
Seeking Counsel80Alphinaud
Facing the Truth80Lyna
A Sleep Disturbed80Crystal Exarch
An Old Friend80Y’shtola
Deep Designs80Y’shtola
A Whale’s Tale80Urianger
Beneath the Surface80Urianger
Echoes of a Fallen Star80Urianger

Patch 5.3 (Reflections in Crystal)

QuestLevelQuest Giver
In the Name of the Light80Manager of Suites
Heroic Dreams80Eirwel
Fraying Threads80Ryne
Food for the Soul80Tataru
Faded Memories80Thancred
Etched in the Stars80Peculiar Crystal
The Converging Light80Y’shtola
Hope’s Confluence80Crystal Exarch
Nothing Unsaid80Y’shtola
The Journey Continues80Alphinaud
Unto the Morrow80Urianger
Reflections in Crystal80Ryne