Final Fantasy 16 Complete Game Guide – Stats, Quests, Characters & Eikons

Final Fantasy 16 is a darker, more mature FF game, but players still need to understand the core stats and concepts like Eikons.


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Final Fantasy 16 takes the Final Fantasy series in a new direction, introducing ARPG gameplay and mechanics while retaining some of the essence of the wider franchise. However, even hardcore fans will find themselves in uncharted waters with this entry, facing colossal battles with giant monsters called Eikons, their Dominants, and reams of data in the deep stats of every item and piece of armor.

This FF16 hub is filled with tips to help all players work their way through the complicated story, find and beat every side quest, understand the complexities of each character, and make the most of their time in the unique Final Fantasy game in years.

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Final Fantasy 16 Gameplay Guides

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We’ve outlined our most useful gameplay guides for Final Fantasy 16 in the list below. Each one covers a different aspect of the title, answering questions players might have regardless of whether they’re Final Fantasy veteran, are partway through this game, or are just curious.

Should Players Complete the Final Fantasy 16 Demo Before Playing the Full Game?

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While it’s not essential to play the Final Fantasy 16 demo before going into the full game, we believe it’s worth completing the demo to at least try it out before purchasing the main game and diving in. FFXIV is a big shift from the classic Final Fantasy formula, more so than any other entry we’ve played, and it might put some fans off. It’s a blend of Final Fantasy and Dark Souls-style ARPG gameplay, though it’s not as challenging as any FromSoftware game. Still, to ensure a user is happy with the money they’ve spent, it’s worth playing the demo all the way through before putting a penny down on it. Progress carries across from the demo to the main game, so the two hours or so it takes to complete the demo won’t be entirely wasted.

How Long is Final Fantasy 16?

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According to many of the game’s reviews, Final Fantasy 16 takes roughly 35-40 hours to complete if players focus on the story. This number is increased to 70 hours for those completionists that want to see everything. At the time of writing, we’re unsure if this includes the New Game + mode called Final Fantasy Mode, but we suspect that it doesn’t and that an entirely new playthrough of that mode will take more than 70 hours to finish.

What to Know Before Starting Final Fantasy 16

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Before starting Final Fantasy 16, fans should understand that it’s a very different game from the rest of the series. It takes elements of the ARPG genre and mixes them in with a Final Fantasy story to create something very separate from either of its influences. Summons still exist in the game as Eikons, but the battles with them feel different from the turn-based fights.

Combat relies on dodging, parrying, and well-timed attacks over pummelling an enemy until they stagger. While getting into the story without spoiling it is impossible, we believe some players might find the opening two hours or so much darker than previous entries. This can be seen in the game’s demo, which is well worth playing for anyone who thinks they might be too squeamish or unable to deal with a lot of trauma in a game’s story.

What is Final Fantasy Mode in Final Fantasy 16?

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Final Fantasy Mode is New Game + in Final Fantasy 16. To unlock it, players need to finish the main story. Then they can start a new game with all the stats they’ve acquired over the course of that playthrough carried across. Final Fantasy Mode introduces several gameplay changes to keep it fresh and separate from the base game, presenting a new challenge for those who feel they’ve mastered it.

How to Claim Deluxe Edition Items in Final Fantasy 16

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Deluxe Edition items are automatically available in Final Fantasy 16 for all players that purchased the Digital Deluxe, the physical Deluxe Edition, and the Collector’s Editions of the game. Upon starting a new game, players will get an alert informing them that they can get these items by opening the System Menu and selecting the Redeemable Items option. Then, they just need to tap on the items they want to claim, and they’ll be made available in that current save file.

Is There a Photo Mode in Final Fantasy 16?

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Yes, there is a photo mode in Final Fantasy 16, and it’s surprisingly detailed. Players can pause the game at any point, even during cutscenes, and pose a photo to take in just the right way. This is a highly requested feature for many big releases, and any photo mode with features that allow players to feel like photographers, or engage professional photographers enough to get them to share the screenshots they take, will only bolster the community.

All Editions of Final Fantasy 16

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There are several editions of Final Fantasy 16 that fans can purchase. The cheapest is the standard version of the game, which costs roughly $69.99 for a physical or digital copy, depending on the storefront. One level up is the Digital Deluxe Edition, which costs $89.99 and includes the base game, a digital mini artbook, digital mini soundtrack, and a set of exclusive in-game items to use. Either of these editions could be considered the best value editions because they come with the entire experience without breaking the bank.

There is also a physical Deluxe Edition of Final Fantasy 16 available from some retailers for around $110. This edition contains everything from the digital deluxe edition, plus a limited edition case, a Special Clive Rosfield Steel Book Case, and a Cloth World Map of Valisthea. This edition is just special enough to make the game feel like a return to a favorite series without ti costing hundreds of dollars.

Finally, there is the Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy 16 for $320. This edition comes with everything from the Deluxe Edition but comes in a colossal box with a huge statue of Ifrit and the Phoenix battling. It also has a Metal Eikon Pin Set, a Cloth World Map of Valisthea, and the in-game Blood Sword weapon. This edition is really only for those diehard Final Fantasy fans who want something to commemorate their time in the latest entry.

All Trailers for Final Fantasy 16

The last trailer before FF16 launched was the Ascension Trailer, which is packed with the most epic battles seen to date.

In the Salvation Launch Trailer, fans got to see a bit more of the gameplay they’d be enjoying in the final game, including battles with large bosses and enemies that have never been seen before.

The Revenge Trailer shows off a huge part of the Final Fantasy 16 Demo finale and a twist in the story that will drive players through the rest of the campaign.

In the Ambition Trailer, fans learned about the history of FF16’s world, Valisthea. It briefly explains the power of the crystals dotting the lands and why they’re so important.

In the Dominance Trailer, fans got to look at an epic battle between this game’s version of the staple summons, known as Eikons.

The Awakening Trailer was the first glimpse developer Square Enix gave fans of the lands and adventure they would embark on in the game.