Final Fantasy 16: All Eikons & How to Unlock Them

The Eikons grant Clive incredible power in Final Fantasy 16, but it’s hard to know which ones to invest in without checking them all out.

Clive holding fire in FF16

Image Via Square Enix

Eikons, the godlike summons of Final Fantasy 16, play a huge role in the game’s story, and thanks to something special in Clive’s spiritual makeup, he can take the power of more than just one. He starts blessed by the Phoenix but gains the ability to use the likes of Garuda, Titan, and Ifrit as the story progresses. Each new Eikon he hosts grants Clive new abilities and elemental damage options, and we’ll cover how to get them all in this guide.

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Every Eikon You Can Use How to Unlock Them in Final Fantasy 16

You unlock Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 primarily by defeating their Dominants in combat in setpiece Eikon battles, then stealing their power directly from the Dominants themselves. There are a few notable exceptions — Phoenix, Ifrit, and Ramuh — which you earn either due to major story beats (Phoenix and Ramuh) or by beating the Eikon itself during a story beat (Ifrit) — the others you need to take by force. We’ve listed each Eikon, their Dominant, and how you earn them in the table below.

Eikon NameDominant NameHow to Earn the Eikon


You’ll start the game with Phoenix
available, fully upgradeable.


You’ll earn Garuda after defeating
Benedikta about four hours into the campaign,
at the end of the Caer Norvent section.

Clive holding fire in FF16
You earn Ifrit after defeating both it
and the Infernal Shadow during your
first trip back to Rosaria.


You earn Ramuh after leaving the
city of Oraflamme and following the
first boss fight after the time skip.


You earn Titan after defeating Kupka
for the first time during your second return
to Rosaria.


Prince Dion
You earn Bahamut after defeating him
in the Crystalline Dominion. Dion himself
is not fought. He will play an important part
in the story later on.


You earn Shiva following the first fight
against King Barnabas, which is unwinnable. Earning
Shiva is an important plot point, as well.


King Barnabas
You earn Odin by defeating King Barnabas
at the Tower of Reverie in Waloed near the
end of the game.

As Clive unlocks each Eikon, he’ll gain a new ability tree. Mastering abilities and skills will help players make the most of each Eikon, allowing them to craft builds they’re comfortable with in battle. It’s even possible to combine abilities from different Eikons in the same loadout, and it’s worth experimenting to find out what works best for each individual play style.