Final Fantasy 16: How to Upgrade Eikon Weapons

Eikon weapons are some of the most powerful pieces of gear in Final Fantasy 16, as they should be. here’s how to alway keep them at the top of their game.

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Eikon fights are the key spectacle boss encounters in the game, and as epic as they may be, they wouldn’t feel quite as amazing if they didn’t come with a suitable reward. Luckily for everyone, they do: powerful weapons for Clive to take into battle. In many cases, these weapons are the best-in-class for when you get them in-game, and though they will eventually be outclassed, fear not: you can upgrade them as you fight more Eikons. Because you will, of course, fight more Eikons. Here’s how.

How to Upgrade Eikon Weapons in Final Fantasy XVI

As soon as you defeat your first Eikon early in the campaign, you’ll get a unique crafting material called a Wind Shard, which you can take back to the Blacksmith to form the Stormcry sword. That’s the only material you’ll need for this first weapon, but don’t expect it to stay that way.

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The next time you take down an Eikon, you’ll get a new unique material called a Fire Shard, and you’ll not only need it to upgrade your weapon, you’ll also need Stormcry in your inventory, as well as a single unit of Meteorite. Spend all of these materials to make the Flametongue sword.

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Thankfully, you can’t sell Stormcry or Flametongue or any other Eikon weapon to merchants, making it impossible to not have the proper materials to upgrade unless you haven’t crafted any such weapons and need to go backward to get their lesser variants. Regardless of how often or infrequently you upgrade your Eikon weapons, you’ll always need to provide additional raw materials of increasing rarity to supplement the crafting process. Meteorite is just the start.

And while that’s what we know about upgrading Eikon weapons right now, we’ll be updating this article if late or endgame quests and hunts provide the materials to take their power even higher, which isn’t out of the realm of possibility.