Final Fantasy 16: Severian Notorious Mark Location & How to Defeat It

Here is a complete guide on how to track down and defeat Notorious Mark Severian for Final Fantasy 16’s Hunting Board.

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The guided tour through the Apoditery with Jill and Torgal introduced players to the foes that live within. But what couldn’t have been predicted is for the foes to actually leave the temple and set camp in the fields of Rosaria.

To clarify, we are not talking about weak arachnids or specters but full-blown Notorious Marks that need to be tracked down. Through the Hunting Board’s description, you learn that Severian, a belligerent and quick-footed foe, is tormenting whoever dares approach Sorrowise.

Severian Notorious Mark Guide

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  • Unlocks: After the Storm Main Quest
  • Level: 31
  • Rank: B
  • Rewards: 10625 Gil and 20 Renown

Final Fantasy 16: Severian Location

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Severian can be located west of Martha’s Rest, in the northwestern area of Sorrowise. This ancient foe will be crouching in this plain open area and activate when approached.

Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat the Severian Notorious Mark

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Severian won’t stand still for a second during this fight. This means abilities that deal heavy damage in one blow are best for this encounter.

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Lightsaber ChargeSeverian will create a lightsaber and run toward Clive.Dodge to the side.
Lightsaber TwirlSeverian creates one lightsaber for each hand and spins toward Clive.Keep dodging danger until the attack finishes.
Power BlastSeverian fires two ranged attacks at Clive, one with each hand.Dodge to one side and then the other to avoid damage.
Force FieldSeverian generates a force field around him and explodes it.Run or dodge to safe ground. Alternatively, fully or partially stagger him before the explosion.
EradicateSeverian casts Lightsaber Twirl, followed by a rain of aether balls.Run backward to stay in a safe land. Alternatively, parry Lightsaber Twirl to interrupt the attack.