Final Fantasy 16: Every Shop At The Hideaway

Find out everything you can do at Cid’s Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16 with this every point of interest guide.

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It’s a dreary world out there in Valisthea. Whenever Clive heads out, he’ll face mighty beasts, vicious imperial soldiers, and other god-like Eikons. It’s only natural he’d like to catch some rest every now and then. The Hideaway is the perfect place to do this; it’s a safe nest full of friendly NPCs willing to help you prepare for your next adventure. But amidst all the chaos, you likely missed some of the points of interest in Cid’s Hideaway.

How To Unlock Every Point of Interest At The Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16

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The Hideaway is the safe haven players can return to after going through perilous adventures. Here await several shops to restock supplies, gear up, train, and learn more about the lore.

Charon’s TollDescriptionUnlocks
Buy items, weapons, and equipment from Charon.Hide, Hideaway

Lady Charon is a thorny elderly woman in charge of supplying the Hideaway with weapons, equipment, and consumables. When she is not making fun of players for not having enough Gil, she restocks her store with new supplies and takes care of Torgal.

Black HammerDescriptionUnlocks
Craft and reinforce weapons and equipment with Blackthorne.Hide, Hideaway

Blackthorne is a moody blacksmith of the Hideaway. In exchange for some booze, he’ll agree to craft weapons and equipment for players. Equipment can also be reinforced here in exchange for some materials.

Arete StoneDescriptionUnlocks
Engage in Training Mode, Arcade Mode and Stage Mode.Hide, Hideaway and Fanning Embers

By interacting with Arete Stone, players can take advantage of Final Fantasy 16’s Training, Arcade and Stage Mode. Though Training Mode is available from the Hide, Hideaway Chapter, the other two unlock during the Fanning Embers Chapter.

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  • Training Mode: practice combos and battle strategies on either passive or aggressive dummies.
  • Arcade Mode: revisit previously played boss battles to earn higher scores.
  • Stage Mode: revisit previous scenarios with a more powerful Clive.
Hunt BoardDescriptionUnlocks
Hunt Notorious Marks to earn rewards and renown with Nektar.The Gathering Storm

The Hunt Board lets Clive roleplay as a bounty hunter and hunt down Notorious Marks in exchange for XP, rewards, and renown. It’s a fun side adventure that enables players to fight against vicious beasts from rank C to S.

Thousand TomesDescriptionUnlocks
Share your experiences with Harpocrates to learn more about the game’s lore.Hide, Hideaway

The Thousand Tomes is another of Square Enix’s attempts to make the game’s lore more digestible for players. By speaking with Harpocrates after adventures, players can learn more about the story, characters, and world behind it.

State of the RealmDescriptionUnlocks
Learn about the game’s lore, history, and the past and current state of relevant characters.Home Sweet Home

Players can look at a comprehensive chart with the game’s characters and locations by speaking with Vivian at Hideaway’s strategy table. Use L2 and R2 to shift through the years and see how the world of Vallisthea and its characters have changed.

The Patron’s WhisperDescriptionUnlocks
Exchange renown for rewards from people all around Vallisthea.Home Sweet Home

Each completed sidequest rewards players with renown. After earning a certain amount, players can head to the Patron’s Whisperer after earning a certain amount to receive correspondence with rewards.

Alliant ReportsDescriptionUnlocks
Discover all available side quests and teleport to their location.Home Sweet Home

Gone are the days of getting lost trying to start a side quest. Final Fantasy 16 introduces an NPC that will inform all available side quests and teleport you to their starting location.