Final Fantasy VII Remake unavailable in English/Japanese language issue explained

PlayStation Store disrupting many players’ experience upon day one.


Screengrab via Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available starting today, but some players are not having the launch experience they were expecting due to an unanticipated issue on PlayStation Store.

Players in Asia region are reporting a language issue affecting digital copies purchased for PlayStation 4. Sony has acknowledged the problem, but a solution has yet to be offered.

Here’s the issue explained.

Final Fantasy VII Remake English/Japanese language issue

The issue is that the Asian PlayStation Store versions are selling two different versions of the action RPG game. The difference is language labeling, which is not being reported adequately to fans buying a digital copy. reports that the Hong Kong PlayStation Store is sharing pre-order advertisements in English but automatically directing purchases to the Chinese/Korean version.

This change is not indicated to buyers and has led many players to get a version without their language or a language they have an understanding of – available.

PlayStation Asia has already made it clear that it does have knowledge of the issue and is searching for ways to fix it.

Hi everyone, we understand the frustrations of our users regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake and we apologize for the…

Posted by PlayStation Asia on Thursday, April 9, 2020

At the time of writing this, it is not clear whether this is going to mean a refund for users who have mistakingly purchased a copy without their preferred language or not, and especially how much time it will take to address the problem.

However, a fix has been applied to the Asian PlayStation Store, with a more comprehensible remark about the language of the digital copy being purchased.