Final Fantasy XIV: Best Starting Classes For New Players, Ranked

Your baby steps can define your entire experience. Here are the best starting classes in Final Fantasy XIV, ranked.

Best Starting Class FFXIV Guide

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Stepping into a decade-strong MMO like Final Fantasy XIV can feel overwhelming. Everyone else seems like veteran players, while you’re the new pup in the pack. Which starting class in Final Fantasy XIV suits you best?

In bustling hubs like Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, or Ul’dah, you’ll run into seasoned players flaunting epic gear and impressive mounts. I remember spotting a mage summoning magical cards while riding a colossal orb the first time I spawned in Gridania’s Plaza — how could I ever measure up?

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However, the FFXIV community was one of the friendliest out there. So, don’t stress. If you’re diving into Final Fantasy XIV for the first time and mulling over your first class choice, know that your starting class can shape your gaming journey. With this guide, you can safely make a choice that suits your playstyle perfectly.

5. Conjurer: The Go-to Starter Class for Aspiring Healers

Best Starting Class FFXIV: Conjurer
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Starting off as a Conjurer sets you on the path to becoming a formidable White Mage. Here’s how it will look: you’ll have a tough time through the first few quests until you get access to the first raid. From then on, magic unfolds. 

Your job is simple: keep the party alive. Conjurer is not the only healer in Final Fantasy XIV, but it’s the easiest to pick up among them. However, it’s not a job you’ll play with your brain turned off. The Lily system forces you to stay alert while giving you access to powerful spells while allowing movement, empowering your healing arsenal. 

Conjurers protect, but they also attack. You’ll soon get access to devastating spells like Holy, which let you deal offensive damage while defending. Its simplicity and rewarding learning curve make it an ideal starting point for healing adventures. 

4. Pugilist: DPS, But Only if You’re up for a Challenge

Best Starting Class FFXIV: Pugilist
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Pugilists evolve into Monks, the best DPS choices for those seeking a challenge. The Pugilist is relentlessly agile and mobile and fights bare-handed. The Monk’s combat style centers on intricate combo actions, demanding precision in positioning and unleashing furious attacks at a lightning pace. 

To play them right, you’ll have to master complex rotations, dealing a pretty sweet and satisfying amount of damage. However, delving into the Monk’s path requires commitment and dedication. It involves many demanding positions and precise rotations that might overwhelm the unprepared. Yet, for those devoted to honing their inner strength, the Monk offers a thrilling, unparalleled path to martial excellence in Eorzea.

3. Arcanist: Caster DPS with a Sidekick

Best Starting Class FFXIV: Summoner
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The Arcanist is a caster with a multitude of options. Starting here leads to becoming a Summoner or Scholar, which, if I can suggest one, I’d say go for Summoner. It’s one of the easiest classes to deal significant damage, heal allies, and adapt to various situations.

If you’ve played any other Final Fantasy title, you’ll recognize names like Bahamut and Garuda. Well, with Summoner, you can call them to your aid. 

Summoners can wield the awe-inspiring powers of Primals. As you evolve from the Arcanist to the Summoner, you’re enmeshed in the legacy of those godly creatures. 

This job’s mechanics steer away from AI-dependent action. Instead, you’ll have player-controlled skills that evoke the grandeur of summoning, minus the AI pitfalls of past games. The redesign simplifies the gameplay, making it incredibly accessible, especially compared to previous iterations. 

2. Marauder: So, You Wanna Tank?

Best Starting Class FFXIV: Marauder
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If soaking up the damage while your team takes care of the enemies, Marauders are the ideal starting point for future tanks. Most parties only have one tank, which means mastering the role of Marauder roles brings a sense of responsibility and power.

You should pick Marauder as your Final Fantasy XIV starting class because it’s the most straightforward, non-boring tank out there. Paladin’s an option, too, but if you’re into watching paint dry, that might be more your speed.

The Marauder later becomes a Warrior, which embodies raw power and relentless assault. Plus, it’s the tank that’s most capable of self-healing. You can do both jobs when your healer’s not quite doing the trick. This class is super newbie-friendly and forgiving, making it perfect for anyone after straightforward strength without sacrificing effectiveness.

1. Archer: Easy Ranged DPS

Best Starting Class FFXIV: Archer
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Starting as an Archer paves the way to become a Bard later on. When I picked up Archer, I didn’t expect to get a musical experience suddenly, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Archer offers a simple yet effective ranged DPS role. You’ll learn the ropes of the Global Cooldown (GCD) and Off-Global Cooldown (OGCD) systems in the best possible way.

The Bard’s strength lies in its ability to dot multiple targets efficiently, a rare feature since the advent of Endwalker. This class commands songs, each unlocking a different style of play and offering bursts of damage, making it feel like multiple jobs in one. Its straightforward learning curve suits newcomers, allowing them to enter the ranged physical role.