Flower Breeding in Fae Farm: All Flower Types & Colors

Mastering hybrid flower breeding in Fae Farm is a whole new level. Here’s every flower hybrid you can find in the game.

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Fae Farm introduces a plethora of activities to keep you busy. However, perhaps the most complex of them all is flower breeding.

Fae Farm, like many other farming sim games, lets you breed hybrid crops and flowers. If the repertoire of veggies and flower seeds vendors are selling seems disappointing, just wait until to do your farm magic and come up with all sorts of hybrids. However, understanding how hybrid flowers work isn’t easy. I put off Rosalind’s pink flower quest for about half a year and then swept the entire flower mechanic under a rug. Little did I know I was putting off one of the best mechanics Fae Farm has to offer. In this guide, I’ll explain how Hybrid Flowers work and every hybrid flower you can grow in Fae Farm.

How to Unlock All Flower Seeds in Fae Farm

During your first week at Azoria, Rosalind initiates your flower breeding journey by giving you initial seeds for the red rose, white lily, and yellow tulip. To unlock the other three seeds (blue hyacinth, green trillium, magenta trillium), unlock the Fae World and purchase them from Asphodel.

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How Flower Breeding Works in Fae Farm

Fae Farm Flowers
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To create new flower variants, plant two different flower seeds and leave one empty soil bed in between them. For instance, crossbreed a red rose seed with a white lily seed to yield a pink lily.

Soil Bed with Red RoseEmpty Soil BedSoil Bed with Pink Lily

Here’s a couple of considerations:

  • Each flower variant carries two genes. While a red lily carries two red lily genes, a pink lily carries a red gene and a pink gene. You can check a flower’s genes by hovering over it.
  • Breeding only happens when flowers are fully grown, not when they’re sprouts. Don’t cut your flowers as soon as they grow if you intend to breed them.

Now that you’re ready to embark on this flower breeding journey in Fae Farm let’s go over every flower you can breed in the game:

All Normal Flower Hybrids in Fae Farm

pink flower fae farm
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All Tulip Hybrids & How to Breed Them in Fae Farm

AppearanceFlower 1AppearanceFlower 2AppearanceResult
Yellow Tulip+Red Rose= Orange Tulip
Orange Tulip+Red Rose=Red Tulip
Yellow Tulip+Green Zinnia=
Yellow/Green Tulip
Yellow/Green Tulip+Green Zinnia=Green Tulip
Yellow Tulip+Blue Hyacinth=Yellow/Blue Tulip

Yellow/Blue Tulip+Blue Hyacinth=Blue Tulip
Blue Tulip+Green Zinnia=Teal Tulip
Yellow Tulip+Magenta Trillium=Yellow/Magenta Tulip
Yellow/Magenta Tulip+Magenta Trillium=Magenta Tulip
Magenta Tulip+Blue Hyacinth=Violet Tulip
Red Tulip+White Lily=Pink Tulip
Yellow Tulip+White Lily=Ivory Tulip
Ivory Tulip+White Lily=White Tulip
Magenta Tulip+Green Tulip=Black Tulip

All Rose Hybrids & How to Breed Them in Fae Farm

AppearanceFlower 1AppearanceFlower 2AppearanceResult
Red Rose+Yellow Tulip=Orange Rose
Orange Rose+Yellow Tulip=Yellow Rose
Red Rose+Green Zinnia=
Red/Green Rose
Red/Green Rose+Green Zinnia=Green Rose
Red Rose+Blue Hyacinth=
Red/Blue Rose

Red/Blue Rose+Blue Hyacinth=Blue Rose
Blue Rose+Green Hyacinth=Teal Rose
Red Rose+Magenta Trillium=Red/Magenta Rose
Red/Magenta Rose+Magenta Trillium=Magenta Rose
Magenta Rose+Blue Hyacinth=Violet Rose
Red Rose+White Lily=Red/White Rose
Red/White Rose+White Lily=White Rose
White Rose+Yellow Tulip=Ivory Rose
Magenta Rose+Green Zinnia=Black Rose

All Lily Hybrids & How to Breed Them

AppearanceFlower 1AppearanceFlower 2AppearanceResult
White Lily+Red Rose=Pink Lily
Pink Lily+Red Rose=Red Lily
White Lily+Yellow Tulip=Ivory Lily
Ivory Lily+Yellow Tulip=Yellow Lily
White Lily+Red Rose=
Orange Lily
Yellow Lily+Green Zinnia=White/Green Lily
White/Green Lily+Green Zinnia=Green Lily

White Lily+Blue Hyacinth=Blue Lily
Blue Lily+Green Zinnia=Teal Lily
White Lily+Magenta Trillium=
White/Magenta Lily

White/Magenta Lily+Magenta Trillium=Magenta Lily
Magenta Lily+Blue Hyacinth=Violet Lily
Magenta Lily+Green Lily=Black Lily

All Fae Flower Hybrids in Fae Farm

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All Zinnia Hybrids & How to Breed Them

AppearanceFlower 1AppearanceFlower 2AppearanceResult
Green Zinnia+Red Rose=Green/Red Zinnia
Green/Red Zinnia+Red Rose=Red Zinnia
Red Zinnia+Yellow Tulip=Orange Zinnia
Green Zinnia+Yellow Tulip=Green/Yellow Zinnia
Green/Yellow Zinnia+Yellow Tulip=Yellow Zinnia
Yellow Zinnia+White Lily=Ivory Zinnia
Ivory Zinnia+White Lily=White Zinnia
Green Zinnia+Blue Hyacinth=Teal Zinnia

Teal Zinnia+Blue Hyacinth=Blue Zinnia
Green Zinnia+Magenta Trillium=Black Zinnia
Black Zinnia+Magenta Trillium=
Magenta Zinnia
Magenta Zinnia+Blue Zinnia=Violet Zinnia

Red Zinnia+White Lily=Pink Zinnia

All Hyacinth Hybrids & How to Breed Them

AppearanceFlower 1AppearanceFlower 2AppearanceResult
Blue Hyacinth+Red Rose=
Blue/Red Hyacinth

Blue/Red Hyacinth+Red Rose=Red Hyacinth
Red Hyacinth+Yellow Tulip=Orange Hyacinth
Blue Hyacinth+Yellow Tulip=
Blue/Yellow Hyacinth

Blue/Yellow Hyacinth+Yellow Tulip=
Yellow Hyacinth
Blue Hyacinth+Green Zinnia=Teal Hyacinth
Teal Hyacinth+Green Zinnia=Green Hyacinth

Blue Hyacinth+Magenta Trillium=Purple Hyacinth
Purple Hyacinth+Magenta Trillium=Magenta Hyacinth
Red Hyacinth+White Lily=Pink Hyacinth

Blue Hyacinth+White Lily=
Blue/White Hyacinth

Blue/White Hyacinth+White Lily=White Hyacinth
White Hyacinth+Yellow Tulip=Ivory Hyacinth
Magenta Hyacinth+Green Zinnia=Black Hyacinth

All Trillium Hybrids & How to Breed Them

AppearanceFlower 1AppearanceFlower 2AppearanceResult
Magenta Trillium+Red Rose=Magenta/Red Trillium
Magenta/Red Trillium+Red Rose=Red Trillium
Red Trillium+Yellow Tulip=Orange Trillium
Magenta Trillium+White Lily=
Magenta/White Trillium

Magenta/White Trillium+White Lily=
White Trillium
White Trillium+Yellow Tulip=Yellow Trillium
White Trillium+Yellow Tulip=Ivory Trillium

Magenta Trillium+Blue Hyacinth=Violet Trillium
Violet Trillium+Blue Hyacinth=Blue Trillium
Blue Trillium+Green Zinnia=
Teal Trillium

Teal Trillium+Green Zinnia=Green Trillium
Red Trillium+White Trillium=Pink Trillium
Magenta Trillium+Green Trillium=Black Trillium