Fae Farm: How to Find the Mysterious Portal & Unlock the Fae Realm

Wisp Mother is helping is unlock the Fae Realm, but some hints on that mysterious portal location would be nice.

Fae Farm Mysterious Portal

Screenshot via Gamepur

There’s more to Fae Farm than just the town of Azoria. After speaking to Wisp Mother in her lair, she sets us on a journey to find a mysterious portal to the Fae Realm. Thus, with newfound wings and the ability to double jump, it’s time to look for this mysterious portal in Fae Farm.

After freezing in the mountains a couple of times and spending an entire bar of mana in front of the lava stones near West Town, I can confidently share Fae Farm’s mysterious portal location with you.

Fae Farm: Mysterious Portal Location

Screenshot by Gamepur

To find the mysterious portal and complete Taking Flight, head to the northeastern corner of the map. This mysterious portal is located north of the Spooky Forest.

Upon reaching the abyss, perform a double jump to reach the cliff on the other side. After setting foot on this side, the objective “Find the portal” of the Taking Flight quest will be crossed off, and a new instruction to speak with Wisp Mother once again will be received.

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Just like with Neppy and the whirlpools, nothing will happen until the next day. You must head back home and rest for the portal to be opened. During the night, a cutscene in which the Wisp Mother opens up the portal to reach the Fae Realm will ensue.

With the portal open, the Fae Realm will be accessible through it. There are many new critters, fish, forageable items, villagers, and even a new dungeon, the Floating Ruins. Plus, some deadly miasma that can only be cured with a potion. To the Floating Ruins southwest lies an empty Wayshrine to place a teleporting seal. This can save loads of time in the quest to come, so it’s a good idea to prioritize this.