Best Fortnite: Save the World weapons and gun schematics

Protect your base with the best of the best.

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Unlike the battle royale, Fortnite: Save the World holds hundreds of weapons that you can access at anytime, especially as none are ever vaulted. Though, this does make the decision of choosing your main damage-dealer much harder. Every gun and melee tool can be given particular stat boosts and perks, and some even carry special effects that can destroy dozens of enemies at a time. That said, solving for what schematic to get next will require more math than one should do. Luckily, this guide will breakdown the best weapons in each category and how you can get the most out of them in the tower defense mode.

Best assault rifles

Founder’s Nocturno (Legendary)

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If you were able to secure the Ultimate Founder’s Pack at launch, then you should be putting your money to good use with its exclusive Founder’s Nocturno schematic. Once fully upgraded, the weapon will not only do damage in the six-digit range, but its perks can also double its critical damage — making it the perfect assault rifle when facing large herds of enemies. Unfortunately, as the Ultimate Founder’s Pack is no longer sold at retailers, only a select few have this transformative gun.

Siegebreaker (Legendary)

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The best possible AR to earn in the opening stages of Save the World is the Siegebreaker. At Level 1, the gun typically does about 376 damage per second, and this can be bolstered to over 160,000 once it is Level 50. Thus, some may find it best to primarily use the Siegebreaker throughout their entire playthrough of the game. As its being leveled up, players can equip perks that increase its damage, magazine size, and reload speed.

Storm King’s Scourge (Mythic)

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Of course, the Mythic Storm King’s Scourge is considered to be the best assault rifle one can find in Save the World. At its base, the weapon is capable of dealing 265 damage per second at a fire rate of 8.3. However, its damage stat can be skyrocket past 200,000 once it has been upgraded to Tier 5. You can obtain the Scourge by completing Storm King quests to unlock its schematic and craft the weapon.

Best sniper rifles

Blastotron 9000 (Legendary)

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While its schematic can be only be found from Sci-Fi Llamas, the Blastotron 9000 is well worth searching for. The semi-automatic bears a base fire rate of 3.0, and while that it isn’t great, the Blastotron mainly succeeds when going for critical damage shots. That is because headshots can do up to 420% more than its base damage, though you will need to max out the weapon and its perks to see this take place.

Crankshot (Legendary)

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As its fire rate can be upgraded to match that of an AR, the Crankshot is a great fit for those who struggle landing well-placed shot with more traditional snipers. Most notably, you can give it a perk in its sixth slot that causes enemies who take headshots to explode, also resulting in nearby enemies taking 30% of your weapon’s overall damage. Its base 41.4 damage may not seem too appealing, but its fire rate and perks ensure herds can be wiped away in seconds.

Neon Sniper Rifle (Legendary)

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Although most Neon weapons are underwhelming, the Neon Sniper Rifle is thankfully an excellent outlier. This is due to it being able to see through walls with its thermal scope and shoot through structures. Its damage will vary wildly depending on your perks, though we find it best to equip both of its headshot multipliers as well as a damage multiplier. So, no matter its level, you should see the Neon Sniper Rifle have an impact in every mission.

Best shotguns

Ground Pounder (Legendary)

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The Ground Pounder has received some massive buffs over the last year, arguably making it the best shotgun of all. The weapon starts out with 224.5 base damage, and you will quickly see this number be close to 100,000 through leveling up and applying perks. However, what makes the Ground Pounder stand out the most is its magazine size and reload time. The gun is able to hold up to 12 rounds at a time, and each can be reloaded in just under a second.

Husk Buster (Legendary)

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Although the Ground Pounder is slightly better, the Husk Buster should be your top choice during boss fights. Yes, its fire rate can be atrocious, but each round is actually able to do just under a million damage. The Husk Buster makes this possible through its perks, as those who level it up can apply a swath of critical rating, critical damage, and overall damage bonuses.

Maverick (Legendary)

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We’re shocked that the Maverick’s schematic is incredibly easy to find in Llamas, as it has vicious two-shot burst. In result, you can expect all of its damage stats and bonuses to essentially be doubled against any enemy. The shotgun does have a lackluster fire rate, thus it is probably wise to hold onto the Maverick until you’re in a dire situation.

Best submachine guns

Hemlok (Legendary)

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Whether you’re taking down a boss or hundreds of Husks, you should definitely consider the Hemlok. It is a relatively standard SMG in most aspects, sporting an 11 fire rate, 35-round magazine, and a base critical damage bonus of 75%. It mainly separates itself from others with just one unique perk: with each shot fired, players can gain 3.5% Shield for five seconds. So, when considering its high fire rate, it is possible to regain your entire shield. Of course, the weapon also bears damage and critical damage perks, so you won’t be questioning its strength at any time.

Ratatat (Legendary)

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The Ratatat only shines beyond belief when paired with two perks: the additional “damage to afflicted targets” bonus and the sixth-slot perk that causes affliction damage for six seconds. When added together, you should see enemies wiped away with just a few shots. Though, you can increase the Ratatat’s power even more by lending bonuses to its magazine size and critical damage capabilities.

Thrasher (Legendary)

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With a fire rate of 12, the Trasher is considered the greatest SMG to use in most missions. If you have its base Legendary schematic, we highly recommend first upgrading its magazine size to 44 rounds. That may not sound like a major boost, but you can eventually enable it to have a 135% critical damage bonus. Once that’s done, expect the Thrasher to wipe away dozens of enemies with a single clip.

Best pistols

Hot Mix (Legendary)

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Powered by a cassette tape, the Hot Mix is capable of cutting through multiple enemies at a time with its airwave ammunition. It isn’t as powerful as the Mythic Onslaught; however, it can hold at least 30 rounds per magazine. You’ll get the most use out of it when playing as Beetlejess. The Hero’s main ability provides a 75% critical damage increase to all pistols in your inventory, ultimately making the Hot Mix a wonderful tool for ending waves of lower level enemies.

Storm King’s Onslaught (Mythic)

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Aside from the Nocturno and Scourge, the only other weapon that can practically feel like cheat code is the Onslaught. Despite its category, it functions similar to a rocket launcher, releasing homing missiles with each shot taken. The missiles even aim directly for enemy heads, so you’ll surely want to add some critical damage bonuses to see its base damage tripled.

Best explosive weapons

De-Atomizer 9000 (Legendary)

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The De-Atomizer 9000 is a Retro Sci-Fi weapon that is so much more than meets the eye. The base Legendary does begin with 175 damage and can only be maxed out at about 43,000 damage at Level 50. So, what makes the gun so special? Each time it is shot its ammo explodes and then releases more than 12 other explosive rounds in all directions. As if that wasn’t good enough, its last unlockable perk allows users to create an expanding ring of damage every four seconds.

Vacuum Tube Bow (Legendary)

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Like the De-Atomizer, the Vacuum Tube Bow has also gained a cult following due to its special ability. When stuck to a target, the bow’s arrows will form a deadly lightning chain that can connect to up to six different enemies. The chain’s damage can even be multiplied just by drawing the arrow all the way back before firing. Considering the Vacuum Tube can sport a reload time of only 0.7 seconds, it is one of few explosive weapons that performs well as a primary.

Best melee weapons

Founder’s Blazing Masamune (Legendary)

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Another weapon exclusive to Founders, the Blazing Masamune is regarded as one of the fastest swinging melee tool in Fortnite, as its attack speed can be bolstered to .04 seconds per slash. But, that is not the only reason why the Masamune deserves recognition. After six hits (which should take just 2.4 seconds), the sword can trigger an explosion that deals 106% weapon damage to all enemies near it. Those petrified of close-range combat may even find it useful to attach its life leech perk, an ability allowing you to regain health with each enemy you down.

Spectral Blade (Legendary)

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The Spectral Blade has only been available twice since the game’s launch, and it is abundantly apparent why it has become so rare. The melee weapon is packaged with a Spectral Slash Heavy Attack that gives players the power to warp to nearby targets and hit them for extra critical and overall damage. Once its fully upgraded, the move can then be given a Legendary perk in the second slot that supplies 135% more critical damage.