Fortnite – Camera Locations Guide


For one of the Weekly Challenges in Fortnite, you need to dance in front of cameras! Show the world you are, in fact, a star. Do it by shaking your booty. It’s a fun challenge, and can be hilarious, as I was just shot in the face while I was doing it. Is there anything funnier than a bullet to the brain during a moment of joy? Anyway, here is a list of camera locations, in case you need to know where they are.

Fortnite Camera Locations

Here is a (mostly) complete list of camera locations on the map. Remember, you need to dance in front of seven of them in order to finish the challenge. Don’t worry if you die, your progress will carry over between rounds.

  • At the film set to the east of Junk Junction.
  • On the western edge of the racetrack.
  • In Moisty Mire, in front of the big helicopter.
  • At the movie set in Moisty Mire.
  • At the bridge to the northwest of the prison, north of Mosity Mires.
  • To the west of Shifty Shafts.
  • At the indoor soccer field to the west of the infamous Tilted Towers.
  • At the green-screen at Risky Reels.
  • At Haunted Hills, in the largest building.
  • At Snobby Shores, near the dinosaur footprint.
  • At the run down building to the west of Greasy Grove.

For those who might prefer some map based information, the good folks at Fortnite Intel have you covered with this useful map. If you are a big fan of Fortnite, and are not keeping an eye on the Fortnite Intel site, you are doing yourself a disservice. They provide excellent information and resources to the community.

Camera Locations Map
Camera Locations MapFortnite Intel • Fair Use

Now, there are certainly more cameras than I will be able to remember, so if you see one, just dance in front of it. Hopefully this list and map helps you tracks down all the cameras you need, then you can jump into the surprise new Infinity Gauntlet mode, starring Thanos! If you need help with other Fortnite Challenges, we will be updating our Guide Hub regularly. Best of luck getting your groove on, gamers. May the gods of the dance floor be kind to you.