Fortnite Chapter 2 – How To Defeat The Storm King

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Fortnite Chapter 2’s Fortnitemares event has just begun. A new Challenge is to defeat the Storm King, a great hulking beast, which is Epic Games turning the storm into a new terrifying form. To fight the Storm King, you need to load into the limited time mode. Just click on Change, above your current game mode, and select Storm King to get started.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – How To Defeat The Storm King

Storm King Weak Points

The Storm King mode pits a team of players against the massive hulking Storm King. You will be fighting him on a small island, and you spawn into the game from the Battle Bus. You have a small amount of time to run around and try to do Challenges or grab weapons and ammo, but then make your way to the island, because the storm arrives quickly in this mode. Guns and ammo may feel hard to find at the start, but they will become more common as the match continues.

To defeat the Storm King, you must first destroy his weak points. These will glow from time to time, giving you the chance to do damage to do them. Put as much damage into them as possible, and when they are all broken, you will be able to destroy the Storm Horn. It’s the giant curved horns that grow from the Storm King’s head.

Storm Horn

You need to keep breaking down his various weak points to get the chance to damage the Storm Horn. The weak points appear all over the Storm King’s body, on his back, and his arms.

As you break the weak points, strange plant-like portals will appear all over the map, and these will spawn in smaller enemies. These are annoying because they run after you and beat you to death. Take them out fast, or they could overwhelm you. They take a lot of damage, so try not to waste ammo take them out, and use your melee instead.

The good news is that the enemy zombies that spawn from them drop some ammo and weapons when you kill them. Just keep the process going until you destroy both horns, then you will get the chance to damage the Storm King’s body. An important thing to keep in mind is that the smaller enemies can drop turrets, which you can use.

Wait until the Storm King is stunned and not attacking, with his head hanging towards the ground. This animation signals his Storm Horn is open to taking damage, then build the turret and put pepper him with plenty of attacks. Be careful about setting them up at other times. It only takes a single swipe from the Storm King to destroy them.

Once you get all the way through the torso health bar, the Storm King dies, and you will have successfully finished the mode.