Where To Complete A Motorboat Time Trial In Fortnite Chapter 2

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Fortnite Chapter 2’s Chaos Rising challenges are here. These challenges have you searching chests, shooting from the water, dancing at bridges, and doing a motorboat time trial. You can find the motorboat time trial start point is at the lake to the north of Misty Meadows.

Motor Boat Time Trial Location

The start point has a glowing blue circle. Grab a boat and ride through it to start. There’s a boat located down by the shore from where the time trial begins. You can spot it if you drop near here from the Battle Bus.

When the time trial starts, you need to drive through each of the blue orbs, following them around the lake. You won’t need to boost to complete this challenge. You only need to finish the motorboat time trial once successfully, and then continue playing, or work on other challenges.

This location will be busy with plenty of people attempting to complete the challenge. You can expect some incoming fire while you’re here.

You will need to finish all the challenges this week to unlock the Chaos Rising loading screen and get a chance to find the hidden XP cache within it.