Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 8 – Gold XP Coin Locations

As good as gold.


The arrival of cars in Fortnite has also seen something else arrive, Gold XP coins. The fact that gold XP coins are in the game has been leaking for the last couple of weeks, but the big mystery was why there were in the files, but not in the game.

It would seem that the answer to this is simple, you need to be in a vehicle to pick them up, and Epic apparently didn’t want to bring in the coins that you would need a Choppa for if they couldn’t also bring in the coins that you need a car for.

The game is packed with Gold XP coins for you to pick up now, with 10 in total on the map this week. We have decided to break the XP Coins out across two maps, one showing you the locations you will need a Choppa for, and the other showing you where you can find the car-related coins.



You should be able to get all the Choppa related coins in a single match without any major trouble, and the same goes for the cars as long as you are careful and look out for other players. You don’t need to get them all in the same match; however, they should remain in place until you collect them, or the season ends.