Fortnite – Easy Firing Range Locations


Season 10 of Fortnite is close to an end, but challenges still need to be completed. One of the common challenges is to hit easy firing range targets, while the prestige version is to hit hard firing range targets. Keep in mind, you need to finish the normal version before you can move on to the prestige version, so you’ll need to load into a new match to complete the prestige challenge.

Easy Firing Range Locations

Easy Firing Range Locations

There are three firing ranges on the map. The good news is that the easy firing range and the hard firing range are the same things, so you’ll be heading for the same locations both times.

You can find the easy firing range targets at the locations marked by the red squares above:

  • South of Haunted Hills near the coast.
  • South of Polar Peak
  • Southwest of Fatal Fields

When you get to the firing range, you’ll need to step on the platform near the firing range sign, then take out the target that pops up. The only difference between the easy and hard firing range targets will be the distance at which they appear. It’s a pretty easy one when you know where to go, so you should have no issue wrapping this particular challenge up quickly.

If you are on the hunt for bullseye locations, to finish up that challenge, we also have a map that shows where you can find them.