Fortnite x Undertale: How to Find the Undertale Deathrun

Fortnite Undertale Sans Deathrun

If you’re an indie gamer, then you’re probably aware of Undertale, the amazing role-playing adventure from Toby Fox. It’s been making the rounds since its initial release on PC in 2015, eventually arriving on other platforms like PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Now there’s a neat little piece of Undertale in Fortnite, and fans of both games won’t want to miss it. A YouTube user by the name of Mustard Plays has just shared his Undertale Sans Battle Deathrun map, which lovingly recreates a battle from the RPG, complete with music by Megalovania.

Here are some details on what to expect from this challenge (and boy, is it a challenge), as well as how you can give it a try. Can’t let Sans have all the fun, after all.

What Is the Undertale Deathrun?

Mustard Plays details his creation in the video below, which he calls a “tribute map to the awesome battle in Undertale where you fight Sans.” He says it’s a “really hard battle,” as he “tried to duplicate the difficulty on this death run.” He makes it precisely clear that “this is not an easy map.”

The video below demonstrates the details of the map, which are really something. It includes quotes from the game plastered on the walls and in the environment, and also pits your Fortnite character against hooded skeletons. There’s also some very tricky platforming as well, but you’ll need to precisely time them to avoid dying.

There are spoilers in the video below, so if you want to try the map first, you might want to avoid watching all of it. Mustard Plays goes through the entire level run here.

How Can I Access the Undertale Deathrun?

If you think you’re up to the challenge, accessing Mustard Plays’ Undertale deathrun is quite easy. Enter the following map code, and you’ll be taken right to it: 0249-6711-6008.

Again, though, be prepared. If the platforming sections don’t throw you for a loop, the actual battle with Sans will. Mustard Plays went all out here, recreating what Undertale accomplished, so devotees will love it. If you’re new to Fortnite, though, you might want to practice a bit. You’re probably going to die often otherwise.

Good luck — you’re going to need it.