Fortnite – Season 8 Week 10 Challenges


Another week, another fresh round of challenges in Fortnite! As always, there are three new challenges for Free Pass players, with the last four challenges only being available to folk who purchased a Battle Pass.

These weeks challenges are all pretty straight forward. Lots of “do X amount of damage,” and a traditional Treasure Map Challenge that we all know and love.

There is also a special unlock this week. If you finish all the challenges and have completed all previous challenges, you will unlock a special loading screen. We should also be seeing the Overtime Challenges for live as well! So it’s going to be a busy day for Battle Pass Holders.

Special Loading Screen

Week 10 Challenges

Free Challenges

  • Launch through flaming hoops with a cannon (0/3)
  • A multi-stage challenge to harvest 500 Wood, then 400 Stone, then 300 Metal (each one in a single match)
  • Eliminate opponents at the Tilted Tower or The Block (0/3)

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Deal damage with an Infantry Rifle or Heavy Assault Rifle (0/500)
  • Search the Treasure Map signpost found in Junk Junction/follow the Treasure Map signpost in Junk Junction
  • Deal damage within 10 seconds of landing after using a Volcano Vent (0/100)
  • Eliminate an opponent from closer than 5m away (0/2)

Overtime Challenges

  • Reach Battle Pass Tier 23
  • Complete Free Overtime Challenges (0/2)
  • Reach Battle Pass Tier 71
  • Reach Battle Pass Tier 87
  • Collect Coins in Featured Creative Islands (0/20)
  • Place Top 10 in Squads with a Friend (0/3)
  • Dead damage to opponents (0/1000)
  • Place top 15 in Duos with a friend (0/3)
  • Outlast Opponents (0/500)
  • Place Top 25 in Solo (0/3)

And that’s it for the Season 8 Week 10 challenges!