Fortnite – How To Visit The Eye Of The Storm


Image via Epic Games

One of this week’s Fortnite Challenges is a real doozy! You have to visit the center of different storm circles in the same match. That means running into the eye of the storm, which is where all the other players are going to be. This will be difficult and dangerous. We have a few tips for you that should help though!

Eye of the Storm

First up, you want to get to the center of the very first storm. It is best to wait in the bus as long as you can, then wait in the air as long as you can. Hold up in the bus until the last second, and when you jump you should pop your glider straight away. This will give the storm time to spawn in, and you can head straight for the center. There will be a purple marker on your map that shows you where the center is. Once you reach it, you will see a large column of light. Run to it and you will glow purple for a second, letting you know this step is complete.

Once you get that first one done, it is time to get sneaky. You need supplies, guns, ammo… all the things you will normally need in a game of Fortnite. The problem is, this challenge means that the eye of the storm is now a high traffic area. Be very cautious, and very careful. When the next purple marker spawns in, you need to head for that, all the while keeping an eye out for threats. I found it better when I just played to get to the center, rather than worrying about kills and gunfights. I was more than happy to hide when I had to! This is a challenge that may be easier with some buddies.

As you approach the next eye of the storm, keep a very close eye out. Plenty of people will be camping these spots, trying to pick off people as they do the challenge. You may need a combination of skill and luck for this challenge. It is also best to have your favourite defensive build ready to go as you approach the center!

Best of luck with this one, it sure has the potential to lead to a lot of intense gameplay moments! If you need help with other Fortnite Challenges, be sure to check out our guide hub!