Fortnite x Fall Out Boy island code and how to join Fall Out Boy concert

Join in the concert while you have the chance.


Image via Fortnite

Fortnite have announced that Fall Out Boy concert will be available for a limited time in the game. If you want to join in on the concert, you need to make sure you join the game starting at a certain time, and you make your way over to an exclusive island highlighting the event. You’ll need a special code to join this island and attend the concert. Here’s what you need to know about how to join the Fall Out Boy concert in Fortnite.

What is the Fall Out Boy island concert code?

The Fortnite team shared the island code to join the event on their official Twitter page. The island code will be for the iHeartLand island, created by iHeartRadio, the hosts for the event. This event was created in Fortnite, and is happening in the game, but it will not be sponsored, endorsed, or administrated by the development team at Epic Games.

The code to join the iHeartland island is: 6144-7573-9391. You can join this concert by yourself or bring multiple friends to participate on the island to check out the Fall Out Boy music.

The event will begin on February 3 at 7 PM ET. The time you can join this event may vary based on your time zone. Outside of a Fall Out Boy concert, we do not know what will happen during the event or what anyone should expect when joining the island.

We imagine multiple Fall Out Boy songs will appear during the event, and fans can have a chance to check them out for a limited time. The Fortnite page did not share how long this event will be, but we imagine it won’t be available for long. Concerts in Fortnite only happen briefly, and these live events are a unique sight to behold.