Fruit Trees in Fae Farm: How to Unlock More Fruits & All Fruit Hybrids

Ready to get fruity in Fae Farm? Pair up trees and watch the hybrid fruit tree magic unfold.

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Fae Farm is one of the most fun cozy games out there. However, the hybrid farming mechanic sometimes goes harder than I would like.

Fruit trees are a really profitable source of income in Fae Farm. However, when you start the game, you’ll only have access to a few. To get more fruit trees, you’ll just have to resort to propagation techniques to get hybrid fruit trees. Flowers go by a similar mechanic as well since you have to place them in a specific pattern to uncover new colors. But fruit trees are especially tricky since they can’t be propagated by themselves. Read this guide to learn how to make hybrid fruit trees in Fae Farm and uncover all of them.

How to Get More Fruit Trees in Fae Farm

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To make Hybrid Fruit trees in Fae Farm, you’ll need regular fruits, some bees, and a Propagation Hive. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how the process works:

  1. Buy one of each sapling from Willow at Azoria’s town center. These are our starter fruit trees: apples, peaches, pears, and plums.
  2. Then, plant all the starter fruit trees next to each other on your farm.
  3. Gather 10 stones, 2 Oak Logs, and 1 Queen Bee.
  4. Queen Bees are a rare critter that spawns more frequently in the Fae Realm.
  5. Craft a Propagation Hive and place it near the trees. Make sure the fruit trees are within the propagation hive range.
  6. When the starter fruit trees bear fruit, store a bee inside the Propagation Hive. It consumes 1 bee per day.

TIP: You can have more than one Propagation Hive to get more saplings daily.

How to Farm Bees in Fae Farm

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To farm bees in Fae Farm, you must propagate them on your farm with a Propagation Hive and a Jar of Bees potion. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown.

  1. Put a bunch of Propagation Hives together.
  2. Brew a Jar of Bees potion.
  3. Stand near your Propagation Hives and drink the potion.
  4. Each potion grants one bee per Propagation Hive, so if you’ve got 10 of them, that equals 10 bees.

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All Fruit Tree Hybrids in Fae Farm

Here is every Fruit Tree Hybrid you can get in Fae Farm:

AppearanceStarter Fruit Tree ComboAppearanceHybrid Tree
Peach + AnyCherry Fruit Tree
Pear + AnyOrange Fruit Tree or Grapefruit Fruit Tree
Apple + AnyPomegranate Fruit Tree or Apricot Fruit Tree
Plum + AnyPersimmon Fruit Tree