Fae Farm: How To Catch All Critters & Critter Observatory Explained

Fae Farm players need to catch little critters in the wild using a net, but these frogs, sprites, and bugs can be tricky. Here are a few tips.

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In Fae Farm, fish aren’t the only animals you’ll catch. One of the tools you’ll receive early on in the game is the net, which lets you seize any inadvertent critter hopping, crawling, or flying the town of Azoria. There are loads and loads of cute little critters waiting to be caught, but this mechanic also holds a couple of tricks up its sleeve. Some critters won’t just fall prey to the net that easily. Placing critters on the market table won’t yield much profit. 

How To Catch Critters in Fae Farm

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To catch critters, equip the net tool and press the power button near them. A light blue cloud will hover over the critter when they are within catching range. 

Some critters are harder to catch than others. In some cases, catching them might take more than one swing of the net. In other cases, you might have to sneak by holding the power button before swinging the net.

Once caught, Critters can be sold on a market table or home produce stand. Or, if you feel like earning a bigger profit, place them in a Critter Conservatory or Beehive, and they’ll leave some produce behind. 

How to Upgrade the Net in Fae Farm

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The net can be upgraded to get those hard-to-catch critters in your inventory. Speak to Mel in West Town and hand him a couple of florins to get a Net upgrade. The upgrades range from Sturdy to Advanced and Master. 

Upgrading the Net not only makes catching certain critters easier, but it also allows you to catch some otherwise unattainable ones. Each upgrade unlocks a new type of critter to be caught.

How Do Critters Observatories Work in Fae Farm

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By accessing the build menu on the farm, the Critter Observatory can be built. This building welcomes critters and lets them stay for a while. After some minutes have gone by, the critter will be gone, but they will leave behind some produce that can be sold, like Bug Juice. Using the Critter Observatory as a means to make a profit is probably one of my favorite since it enables you to make a profit from exploring the world and catching bugs.

Azoria and the Fae Realm both have different Critter Observatories, which means you’ll need two separate crafting stations for each of them. The Lowlands Critter Observatory welcomes regular critters from Azoria, whereas the Fae Critter Observatory lets you get more magical critter produce from the Fae Realm’s critters.

Fae Farm: All Azoria Critters and How to Catch Them

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Azoria’s critters spawn everywhere from the Beach, to the Lowlands and Spooky forest. Though some of them appear more frequently when it’s raining, like Brown Snails, their spawning is determined by the season or time of day.

Each season has four exclusive critters roaming the lands. If you don’t catch them in all 28 days of that season, you’ll have to wait for the next year, so keep an eye out for those.

To catch certain critters, like Rainbow Frogs, a net upgrade will also be necessary, so make sure to drop by Mel’s to purchase a better net.

AppearanceCritterSeason/Time of DayRequired Net Upgrade
Spring PeeperSpring/DayBase Tool
LadybugSpring/DayBase Tool
Peacock ButterflySpring/DayBase Tool
Sand CrabSpring/DayBase Tool
Worker BeeAll year/DayBase Tool
Rainbow FrogAll year/DayBase Tool
Common ToadAll year/AnyBase Tool
FireflyAll year/NightBase Tool
Brown SnailAll year/AnyBase Tool
Common mothAll year/NightBase Tool
Moon mothAll year/NightBase Tool
Dazzle FlyAll year/AnyBase Tool
Tiger YellowtailSummer/DayBase Tool
BullfrogSummer/DayBase Tool
CicadaSummer/DayBase Tool
Hermit CrabSummer/DayBase Tool
Monarch ButterflyAutumn/DayBase Tool
Red DragonflyAutumn/DayBase Tool
TreefrogAutumn/DayBase Tool
Red CrabAutumn/Day

Fae Farm: All Fae Realm Critters & How to Catch Them

Once the Fae Realm has been unlocked, a bunch of new critters will be available for you to catch. Granted, these guys are a bit more magical than your regular snails and frogs, but the method to catch them is the same. Keep in mind that the Fae Realm critters will require more swings and stealth than Azoria’s critters.

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AppearanceCritterRequired Net Upgrade
Leaf BuddySturdy Tool
Green BloblinSturdy Tool
Fae ShadowSturdy Tool
Gloom ShadeSturdy Tool
Queen BeeSturdy Tool
Rose BuddySturdy Tool
Shroom BuddySturdy Tool
Sun SpriteSturdy Tool
Myst FairySturdy Tool
Fae FairySturdy Tool
Pink BloblinSturdy Tool
Luster BloblinSturdy Tool