How To Unlock and Play Gears Pop! Horde Mode

In Gears Pop! players have a select amount of units they’re attempting to get across a two-lane map to destroy their opponent’s turrets and take out their base. It’s quite similar to the style of Clash Royale. One of the cooperative modes in the game is the traditional Gears of Wars Horde mode. It takes two people to play it, and players do not unlock it immediately. We break down the quickest way to unlock the mobile game’s Horde mode, and how to play it.

How to Unlock and Play Gears Pop! Horde Mode

Unlocking the Feature

You need to have a player level 2 to unlock Horde mode. To do this, you need to upgrade your Gear Pop! pins enough times for experience points. Improving these pins takes a bit of time and luck. The fastest way to do this is by playing the standard Versus mode. By winning a game, you’re going to receive a random chest you can unlock after a set amount of time. Different crates come with different timers, with the higher-quality chests taking the most time. You can choose to wait out the timer, or you can use the game’s premium currency, Crystals, to unlock them.

If you want to use crystals, you may want to use them on the lower quality chests, such as the silver ones. These chests do not cost as many Crystals. The chests come with some primary currency, Coins, and several pins. You’re probably going to need to open up about three or four chests before you can level up. When you do, you’ll have the option to swipe over to Horde mode.

How to Play Horde Mode

There are two things you need to play this mode: thumpers and a partner.

The only way to activate Horde mode is to have a thumper. You’re going to acquire these from the crates you receive after winning a Versus match. Some are more difficult than others, so make sure to check out the thumper’s difficulty and how many waves you and your partner are going to face. If you can coordinate with your partner, you’ll want to discuss specific deck strategies and talk about what pins the two of you have unlocked. It doesn’t hurt to have one person specialize.

To play the game, you’re going to need a partner. To work together with someone, you need to join a Crew, which is the game’s version of a guild. You can choose from a wide variety of different crews in the game, or use 1,000 Coins, the primary currency, to make one for you and your friends. From there, you can post in the Crew chat you have a thumper ready, and you’re looking to take someone with you. When the two you jump in, you’ll have to face off against a boss as you attempt to take them out.

Horde mode works a bit differently than Versus. In Horde, there are no defensive turrets. You and your partner can only use your pins to protect yourselves. You’ll have to complete a particular number of waves, defeating the boss over and over again. The boss changes tactics, with new themes and obstacles popping up for every wave. If you and your partner fail, you can start over on that wave number by offering up 10 Crystals. Only one of you have to do it, so if you’re playing with a friend, the two of you can switch off who does it.

The more people you have in your Crew, the more opportunities you have to join a Horde mode and reap the rewards.