Genshin Impact: Tulaytullah’s Remembrance – how to get it, stats, and ascension materials

Perfect stats for speedy attacks.

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New patches are an exciting time for Genshin Impact players. They have come to expect new events, characters, Wishes, story quests, and of course, weapons. In the Patch 3.3 update, there will be a new 5-star catalyst weapon with an interesting mechanic, the Tulaytullah’s Remembrance. This weapon is unique in that it increases the attack speed of your team, which is an effect that we have not seen often in Genshin Impact. Getting one will take a lot of Wishes to get unless you’re lucky. Still, one can dream, and in this guide, we will explain all stats and ascension details for Tulaytullah’s Remembrance in Genshin Impact, as well as how you will be able to obtain it.

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How to unlock Tulaytullah’s Remembrance catalyst in Genshin Impact

The primary way to get Tulaytullah’s Remembrance catalyst is by getting lucky on Weapon Event Wishes. That means that you’ll need a very lucky Wish pull to get a 5-star weapon. The best chance to get it is during Weapon Event Wishes in which Tulaytullah’s Remembrance is the promoted weapon. To better explain how it works, let’s take a look at two possible scenarios to explain how pulling the guaranteed Weapon Event Wish works.

  • To get a guaranteed 5-star weapon drop, you would have to do 80 Wishes for the pity pull to kick in, when the pity counter resets again.
  • To get a promotional 5-star weapon drop, the same pity pull chance is applied, and when you would get a 5-star item, there is a 75% chance for it to be the promotional 5-star weapon.
  • If you pull a 5-star weapon and it is not one of the promotional ones, then the next one you pull is guaranteed to be.

Tulaytullah’s Remembrance stats

Tulaytullah’s Remembrance is a 5-star catalyst, and as such, it comes with some very good stats and powers. The base ATK value is 48 at level 1 and becomes 674 at level 90. Its secondary stat is CRIT DMG, which increases the character’s extra critical damage multiplier, starting at 9.6% at level 1 and up to 44.1% at level 90.

Ascension LevelWeapon LevelBase ATK statSecondary Stat

Along with those base stats, Tulaytullah’s Remembrance catalyst also has a cool refinement power called: Bygone Azure Teardrop, which has the following effect:

  • Normal Attack SPD is increased by 10%. After the wielder unleashes an Elemental Skill, Normal Attack DMG will increase by 4.8% every second for 14s. After this character hits an opponent with a Normal Attack during this duration, Normal Attack DMG will be increased by 9.6%. This increase can be triggered once every 0.3s. The maximum Normal Attack DMG increase per single duration of the overall effect is 48%. The effect will be removed when the wielder leaves the field, and using the Elemental Skill again will reset all DMG buffs.

With every level of refinement, the Normal Attack SPD and DMG rates are increased, though the exact rates of increase per refinement are still unknown.

Image via Genshin Impact wiki

Tulaytullah’s Remembrance Ascension

You have to ascend your weapons to unlock their full potential In Genshin Impact. Powerful 5-star weapons like Tulaytullah’s Remembrance are well worth the investment of resources. To get to the next ascension level, you will need to gather resources and pay a Mora fee. To ascend from level 0 to 1, you’ll need the following:

  • 10,000 Mora
  • 5x Echo of Scorching Might
  • 5x Inactivated Fungal Nucleus
  • 3x Fungal Spores

To ascend from level 1 to level 2, you need:

  • 20,000 Mora
  • 5x Remnant Glow of Scorching Might
  • 18x Inactivated Fungal Nucleus
  • 12x Fungal Spores

To ascend from level 2 to level 3, you need:

  • 30,000 Mora
  • 9x Remnant Glow of Scorching Might
  • 9x Dormant Fungal Nucleus
  • 9x Luminescent Pollen

To ascend from level 3 to level 4, you need:

  • 45,000 Mora
  • 5x Dream of Scorching Might
  • 18x Dormant Fungal Nucleus
  • 14x Luminescent Pollen

To ascend from level 4 to level 5, you need:

  • 55,000 Mora
  • 9x Dream of Scorching Might
  • 14x Robust Fungal Nucleus
  • 9x Crystalline Cyst Dust

And finally, to ascend from level 5 to level 6, you need:

  • 65,000 Mora
  • 6x Olden Days of Scorching Might
  • 27x Robust Fungal Nucleus
  • 18x Crystalline Cyst Dust

That’s a lot of resources to farm up and gather. If you’re looking to calculate how much you’ll need to farm up to fully ascend Tulaytullah’s Remembrance, these are the resource totals:

  • 225,000 Mora
  • 5x Echo of Scorching Might
  • 14x Remnant Glow of Scorching Might
  • 14x Dream of Scorching Might
  • 6x Olden Days of Scorching Might
  • 23x Inactivated Fungal Nucleus
  • 27x Dormant Fungal Nucleus
  • 41x Robust Fungal Nucleus
  • 15x Fungal Spores
  • 23x Luminescent Pollen
  • 27x Crystalline Cyst Dust

With a bit of luck on the Wish pull and some resource grinding to upgrade and ascend it, you will end up with a powerful new 5-star catalyst weapon, Tulaytullah’s Remembrance.