Genshin Impact Wishing Simulators (What Are They & How to Use Them)

Players can now know the in’s and out’s of Wish Banners and how best to get their favorite character in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact wish simulator

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Genshin Impact has a rich story with an abundance of fleshed-out characters that appeal to a diverse group of players. With so much in-game content, new players may get overwhelmed with the mechanics, especially the Wish Simulator system, one of the most addicting parts of the game.

The Wish Simulators, also known as Wish Banners, are a “gatcha game” within Genshin Impact where players can win different characters to be a part of their teams or higher-level weapons. Players can use a special currency to buy Wishes to hopefully win the character or weapon they desire. These Wish Banners are located in the main menu; by clicking on the Wish Icon it will take Players to a new screen with the different Wish Banners that display their possible prizes of characters or weapons.

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Types of Wish Banners and Prizes in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Character Event Wish
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There are multiple types of Wish Banners that offer different prizes that players can win. Each banner will have different combinations of characters and weapons. Additionally, some prizes are constantly available, while others are only available for a limited time.

Types of Wish Banners

Genshin Impact has five different Wish Banners for players to choose from. The five banners are the following.

  • Novice Wishes
  • Character Event Wish
  • Character Event Wish – 2
  • Weapon Wishes
  • Standard Wishes

Each Wish Banner will show the promotional items, be it weapons or characters, that are currently available. Novice Wishes and both Character Event Wishes will emphasize promoting 5-star and 4-star characters who are only available through the Wish Simulators but will also include some possible weapon prizes of 5-star and 4-star levels. Weapon Wishes are only for winning high-end weapons. Standard Wishes promotes a mix of both characters and weapons equally.

Types of Prizes

The prizes available are 4 and 5-star characters and weapons. Character Event Wishes are special because there is a time limit for each promotion. One Wish Banner shows new available characters to win while the other will bring back an old promotion so that players have another chance to obtain the promoted characters or if new players have joined since the original promotion. These will have a main 5-star character and three 4-star characters that are being promoted.

Some characters are 5-star and 4-star that are constantly available on any of the wish banners, minus the Weapons Wish Banner. These characters, like Diluc, are alternative options to win on the Character Event Wish Banners, as well as the main characters that will drop on the Standard Wishes Banner. If a player wants to know what characters are available to win, a list can be found in the details menu at the bottom left corner of the screen.

3-Star weapons will drop as well. These are the most common items a player will get, which results in players having multiple duplicates of the same weapon in their inventory.

Chances of Winning

Genshin Impact character dop rates
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Each type of Banner has its own statistics for winning the different prizes. Character Event Wishes are the only two Banners whose odds accumulate between them. If a player tries their luck on Character Event Wish, then the chances of gaining a 5-star character on Character Event Wish – 2 will also increase along with Character Event Wish.

The odds of winning a 5-star character are .600%, which is about one 5-star character drop for every 90 attempts with a 50% chance the first 5-star character to drop is the promotional character displayed on the banner. If a player does not get the promotional 5-star character first, the next 5-star drop is guaranteed to be that promoted character.

The odds for winning a 4-star character or weapon work similarly to the 5-star odds but have a higher drop rate. The chances of a 4-star item drop are 5.100%, with a 2.550% chance of it being a character and a 2.550% chance of it being a weapon. There will be a 50% chance that the first item to drop will be a promotional item. Each of the three 4-star characters has an equal drop rate.

When a player wins weapons, these weapons will come with Masterless Starglitter or Masterless Stardust, depending on if they are a 4-star or 3-star weapon.

If a player receives a duplicate of a character in the Wish Simulator, that duplicate will be converted into that specific character’s Stella Fortuna 1x and Masterless Starglitter for the first 2-7 times. For 5-star characters, they will convert into 10x Masterless Starglitter for the 2-7 times it appears, and from 8 on, it will convert to 25x Masterless Starglitter. For 4-star characters, the 2-7 times they will convert into 2x Masterless Starglitter and from 8 on, turn into 5x Masterless Starglitter.

Is the Wish Simulator in Genshin Impact Free

Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals
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The Genshin Impact Wish Simulator is free, but only if you have patience and a lot of time to spare. The currency for the Wish Simulator in Genshin Impact is Primogems, which can be earned by doing just about anything in the game. They can be earned by completing questions, solving puzzles in the world, opening chests, and completing Domains. However, it can take a lot of time to collect Primogems. Most players will horde them until the opportunity arises for them to put their Primogems all in for a character they really want.

In the Wish Simulator screen, Primogems can be exchanged for Intertwined Fates to buy the Wishes. Players will need 160 Primogems for one Intertwined Fate. One Interwined Fate will give players one attempt to win a prize. There is the option to exchange 1600 Primogems for 10 Intertwined Fates to gain ten attempts, increasing the odds.

Players can spend real money to buy Genesis Crystals in the Genshin Impact Shop, which can then be converted into Primogems. And this is where Genshin Impact makes its money. Trying to win that character you so desperately want can be addicting, and I know I’ve given up some money trying to win the character of my choice.

If players want to save their money for other things instead of digital characters in a game, the good news is they will have another chance to win that character sometime down the road as long as they don’t mind waiting.