Geometry Dash Vault of Secrets Codes (March 2023)

Fly through stages in style.

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Geometry Dash is a popular rhythm-based platformer. You’ll need to carefully listen to the beat, jumping the correct times in order to get through challenging levels. While the game has its own stages, it also features plenty of community-made ones.

If you’re planning on climbing the leaderboards to show off your skills, you may want to consider doing it in style. Geometry Dash features plenty of cosmetics (icons, UFO, Wave), some of which you can obtain through codes.

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All Geometry Dash Vault of Secrets codes list

Last updated March 7, 2023: No new codes

Geometry Dash Vault of Secrets codes (Working)

Below are all the active codes for Geometry Dash Vault of Secrets. Many of these codes will get you an icon, a new color, or a brand-new look for your character.

  • (Enter Your Username) – Unlocks an Eye
  • 8-16-30-32-46-84(*) – Unlocks the Illuminati Wave
  • Ahead – Unlocks a Wave
  • Blockbite – Unlocks a UFO
  • Gandalfpotter – Unlocks a Trail
  • Lenny – Unlocks the Lenny Icon
  • Mule – Unlocks a Ship
  • Neverending – Unlocks a UFO
  • Sparky – Unlocks a Secret Coin
  • Spooky – Unlocks a Shy Guy Icon

Geometry Dash The Chamber of Time codes (Working)

In addition to the Vault of Secrets, you also have the Chamber of Time. This is different to the Vault of Secrets, so make sure you enter the codes in the right place.

  • Darkness – Unlocks a Face Icon
  • Hunger – Unlocks the Hungry Icon
  • River – Gives a Dark Green Color
  • Silence – Unlocks an Alternative Default icon
  • Volcano – Unlocks a new Wave

Geometry Dash Vault of Secrets codes (Expired)

  • (Your number of stars) – Redeem code to unlock an Icon.
  • Brain Power – Redeem code to unlock the Brain-Shaped Icon.
  • Glubfub – Redeem code to unlock a Secret Coin
  • It’s a Puzzle – Redeem code to unlock an Icon.
  • Gimmiethecolor – Redeem code to unlock a Dark Red color.
  • Octocube – Redeem code to unlock the Octopus-Shaped Icon.
  • Robotop – Redeem code to unlock a Robot.
  • Seven – Redeem code to unlock the Finn (Adventure Time) Icon.
  • The Challenge – Redeem code to unlock the Vault Keepers level.
  • thechickenisonfire – Redeem code to unlock a Swamp Green color.

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How to redeem codes in Geometry Dash

Screenshot by Gamepur
  1. Go to one of the Vaults
  2. Type in the code
  3. Hit Enter on your keyboard to redeem

How can you get more Geometry Dash Vault of Secrets codes?

The best way to get more codes for the Vaults in Geometry Dash is to follow the developer, RobTop Games, on Twitter. You can also join the Geometry Dash Discord server, where you’ll be informed of more codes and meet other players in the community.

Why are my codes not working in Geometry Dash?

There are a couple of reasons the codes may not be working. You could be inputting them in the wrong Vault. So, make sure you’re entering Vault of Secrets codes in the Vault of Secrets and codes meant for the Chamber of Time. Another reason for codes not working is that it has expired.

How to unlock the Vaults in Geometry Dash

Before you can redeem codes in the game, you’ll first need to unlock them. The Vault is unlocked after getting 10 Silver Coins, a currency you can get by playing levels. To get the Vault of Secrets, you’ll need to get 50 Diamonds. You can get Diamonds from daily chests, completing your daily quests, and opening chests from the Treasure Room or after beating the weekly demon.

The Chamber of Time is more difficult to unlock because you’ll first need to have the other two Vaults unlocked. After that, you need to redeem a code called “The Challenge,” which will take you to a stage that requires you to use 200 Diamonds to enter. After completing that stage, there’s a person you’ll need to speak with. Three keyholes will appear. Click on all of them to get hints on how to get each key.

Afterward, go to the Main Level Select and the final page. There, you’ll see the Blue I in the top right-hand corner. Click on that, and a window will open up. Click on the ground that’s under the textbox, so a door appears. When the door shows up, click on it, and you’ll be told to get the Master Emblem. The Master Emblem can only be purchased through a special shop that requires 500 Diamonds. This special shop can be opened up by going to the Treasure Room and going to the final page, where you see a rope. Once you have 500 Diamonds to unlock the Secret Shop, click on the rope. Here, you can purchase the Master Emblem for 1,000 orbs. Once you get the emblem, you can return to the Blue Door on the Coming Soon page, where you’ll finally unlock the Chamber of Time.

What is Geometry Dash about?

This rhythm-based platforming is all about syncing your jumps in time with the beats. The game is notorious for being difficult, so even the smallest mistake will cost you. As you get further into the game, you’ll unlock plenty of new items for your character, making the time you invest into the game worthwhile.