Giant Exo Head location – The Lament Quest – Destiny 2

It’s big. Really big.

Destiny 2

The Lament is an Exotic Sword in Destiny 2 that packs a huge punch. Part sword, part chainsaw, the quest went live in the game after the Deep Stone Crypt Raid was completed.

For the second step, you need to find a Giant Exo Head. While it is marked on the map, the route to get there is pretty long and might be a little confusing, so in this guide, we will show you where to go.

First, make your way to Bray Exoscience in Cadmus Ridge on Europa. When you get down into the facility, take a right in the first big room. Go up the stairs into the small office there, then go through to the next room. In the wall on the right, you will see a door has been opened, giving you access to an area of the game facility called Creation. Follow the corridors until you reach a room with a tram system on the right.

Head to the back of this room and drop down through the broken wall and floor section. Continue on through the tunnels until you reach a part that opens out into a huge room. You need to drop down to the walkway in front and below you, then drop through the broken glass to the lower platforms.

Keep moving ahead, but when you reach the end you will need to head up a short set of steps through a door into a long corridor. Keep following this route and it will lead you to the Giant Exo Head. If you are stuck, you can use the above video to show you the route.