How to get the Lament Exotic Sword in Destiny 2 – Lost Lament quest guide

Hack and slash.

Every Guardian loves a good Exotic weapon. A new Exotic Sword that will be introduced in the Season of the Hunt is the Lament. Warhammer 40K fans will be delighted to see that this thing is basically a chainsword, which instantly makes it the best weapon in the game.

While the quest is not live at the moment, and we do not yet know when it will be, the various quest steps have already leaked. When the quest does go live, this is what you will need to do.

You can find a full video guide, and all the quest steps detailed below, with links to other guides you might find useful while completing the quest.

Step 1 – Locate Dead Exos

Locate and scan 3 dead Exos on Europa. Click the link for a guide on three easy to find Exos.

  • Dead Exos found: 0/3

Step 2 – Locate the Giant Exo

Locate the Giant Exo hidden in the Exo facility. This is located in Bray Exoscience, and while it is marked on the map, we have a video below for anyone who finds the route a little awkward.

  • Giant Exo found: 0/1

Step 3 – Giant Expectations

Prove yourself to the Clovis AI by using Swords against the Vex across Europa. For this step, running Perdition Lost Sector a few times should finish it quickly.

  • Vex defeated with Swords: 0/100
  • Minotaur, Hydra, Cyclops Sword final blows: 0/20

Step 4 – Giant Expectations

Prove your worth to the Clovis AI by completing an Exo Challenge. To start this, head to Bray Exoscience. The available Challenge is survival. You need to make your way through bitter cold, using fires to warm you up as you jump between platforms. Enemies will drop an item that, if you pick it up, will remove some of the cold debuff. It ends with a boss fight against a large Vex Hydra, so bring something good to kill it with, like Eriana’s Vow.

  • Exo Challenge completed: 0/1

Step 5 – Giant Expectations

Defeat Vex with finishers to satisfy the Clovis AI. Defeating powerful Vex grants the most efficient progress. We finished this up quickly back in the Perdition Lost Sector.

  • Vex defeated with finishers: 0/60

Step 6 – Rescue the Past

Access the strike The Glassway and locate the blade pieces within. All you have to do is play through the strike, we got it in the last section automatically while fighting the boss.

  • Blade pieces found: 0/1

Step 7 – Blade of Broken Dreams

Head back to the Tower and speak to Banshee-44 about the broken blade.

  • Spoke with Banshee-44: 0/1

Step 8 – Blade of Broken Dreams

Search Eventide Ruins for an abandoned bunker and explore inside. For this step, all you need to do is finish the Bunker E15 Lost Sector.

  • Abandoned bunker explored: 0/1

Step 9 – Complete Reforging the Past

Complete the mission “Reforging the Past” to save the Clovis AI from being destroyed.

  • Reforging the Past completed: 0/1

Step 10 – Last Stop

Head back to the Tower and report your discoveries to Banshee-44.

  • Spoke with Banshee-44: 0/1