Muspelheim Cipher Pieces Location In God of War

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Muspelheim Cipher Pieces help you get to the Muspelheim realm in God of War 2018. There are total four Muspelheim Cipher which are in purple treasures and have a face mask as a lock. The Muspelheim realm contains Muspelheim trails, completing them gives you very useful items that will help you progress in the game. Collecting all Muspelheim Cipher Pieces will also earn you the Trilingual trophy and also you will complete “The Realm of Fire” favor upon finding them. Here’s the guide on how to get all Muspelheim Cipher Pieces.

Muspelheim Cipher Pieces Location In God of War

Where are the Muspelheim Cipher Pieces?

Muspelheim Cipher in Forgotten Caverns Island

First one is at Forgotten Caverns Island, go up the chain On the top of the ledge to your left, you’ll see the chest.


Muspelheim Cipher in Cliffs of the Raven

Again go up the chain and the chest will be next to the trolls dead body.


Muspelheim Cipher in Between Shore of Nine and Foothills

Third Muspelheim cipher can be found between Shore of Nine and Foothills, you will find the chest near Sindri’s shop.


Muspelheim Cipher in River Pass

Last Muspelheim Cipher is in the Witch’s cavern.


These were all the Muspelheim Cipher in God of War. If you want to know all the puzzle and armor location then do check our God of War Wiki Guide.