How Tall is Sindri in God Of War?

Here’s how tall our beloved dwarf Sindri is in God of War series.

Image via PlayStation

Sindri, the dwarf blacksmith, is a central character in God of War (2018) and God of War: Ragnarök. He is known for his superb craftsmanship and ability to create powerful weapons for the game’s lead protagonist, Kratos. Since Sindri is a dwarf, many people wonder just how tall he is. In this article, we’ll discuss Sindri’s height and other interesting facts about him.

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What is Sindri’s height in God of War?

Although it isn’t mentioned in the game or any lore resources, Sindri’s height seems to be just beneath five feet or around 145 cm. We compared Sindri to Kratos’ official height, which is 6’4″ or roughly 193cm. This educated guess falls in line with the average adult height of people suffering from Dwarfism in real life, which is around 4’10” to five feet.

Other Sindri facts in God of War that you should know

Here are some known facts about Sindri that you should know if you love his adorable character:

  1. Sindri hates germs. There are multiple scenes throughout God of War that showcase Sindri’s despise for germs. One of these scenes includes when Kratos carved the tooth out of Hraezlyr and hands it over to Sindri. Sindri immediately orders Kratos to hold on to it and says explicitly, “I’m not touching that.”
  2. Sindri builds weapon handles out of Oak. This fact is related to Sindri being a germophobe. In real life, many scientists regard Oak as the best wood that thwarts pathogenic growth, A.K.A. bacterial growth.
  3. Sindri is the equivalent of Hephaestus in Greek Mythology. Sindri is an incredible craftsman and blacksmith, which precisely mirrors Hephaestus.
  4. Sindri and Brok made the Mjölnir. The Huldra brothers crafted Thor’s mighty weapon when they were trying to become known for their craftsmanship abilities.

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There are theories about Sindri possibly becoming an antagonist for the next sequel to God of War: Ragnarok. Although this theory holds no ground at the moment, we can’t deny its possibility. After all, Sindri is holding a big grudge against the Gods.