Godzilla vs. Kong Minecraft DLC: Release Date, Teasers, & More

Godzilla vs. Kong is finally coming to Minecraft, allowing players to relive the events of the movie in the blockiest way possible.

godzilla vs kong dlc minecraft featured image

Image via Mojang

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There’s no universe that Minecraft isn’t able to crossover with it. From D&D to Sonic, the game has a finger in every pie, and now it’s got one in the recent runaway success that is the Godzilla vs. Kong movie, with both beasts coming as DLC for players to build.

In Godzilla vs. Kong, both iconic movie monsters battle it out for supremacy before teaming up to take down an even bigger foe. While a monster mashup movie might not seem like the best fit for a Minecraft DLC, Mojang dares to disagree. Both monsters and a slew of new blocks are on their way to the infamous survival crafting game, hopefully giving players a few new bosses to beat into submission.

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When is the Release Date for the Godzilla vs. Kong Minecraft DLC?

The release window for the Godzilla vs. Kong Minecraft DLC is early 2024. We know this because the official Minecraft Marketplace Twitter account shared a teaser image for the DLC on January 26, 2024 stating it will be “coming soon”.

It’s impossible to know exactly when the DLC will be released until Mojang announces a date. We’d expect to see it in Q1 2024, meaning it will need to be released before the end of March. Mojang announced some big plans for Minecraft last year, leaving little time for any extra content to come out and surprise fans. With that in mind, this DLC almost has to be released at the start of 2024. Otherwise, there won’t be enough space between updates for players to enjoy the new content being added.

What’s Included in the Godzilla vs. Kong Minecraft DLC?

Elven World by Reddit User Minecraft
Image via Reddit

At the time of writing, it’s unclear exactly what is included in the Godzilla vs. Kong Minecraft DLC. However, based on past LDC releases, we expect there to be a new set of blocks that will allow players to create both Godzilla and Kong, if not recreations of environments from the movie too.

The one thing we’re unsure of is whether the DLC will include a story for players to work through that sees full-scale versions of the monsters in action in Minecraft. We would love to see this the next time we load up the game, but based on the launch of the D&D Minecraft pack, we’re skeptical as to how good another adventure or story release would be.