Minecraft Armadillos: Release Date, Uses, & More

Armadillos won the Minecraft Live 2023 Mob Vote and will be added to the game, but players might not understand how they work.

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Image via Mojang

Armadillos are coming to Minecraft at long last. While there hasn’t been a campaign to get these armored little creatures into the game, they are a fan-favorite following the Mob Vote that took place at Minecraft Live 2023.

Mojang isn’t just throwing a new skin on an already existing animal with Armadillos. It’s crafting a unique creature that players can engage with, utilize pieces of, and breed to help them build a better life for themselves in their Minecraft game.

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When is the Release Date for Armadillos/Update 1.21 in Minecraft

Image via Mojang

Armadillos will come to Minecraft in mid-2024 as part of the Minecraft 1.21 Update, which also includes Trial Chambers and the Breeze Mob. While Mojang hasn’t been any more specific than this release window, fans believe this should equate to a June 2024 release date.

The reason that Armadillos will be part of the Minecraft 1.21 Update is because they’re the Mob that won the Mob Vote during Minecraft Live 2023. Fans voted for this cuddly, creature because they wanted it in the game. Mojang must have had ideas for how they would work, but likely didn’t invest too much time in crafting ideas or developing the code in-game.

As a result, Mojang must now create Armadillos, test them, and all the associated systems they interact with must be tested from scratch too. That’s a lot of work, so the team will almost certainly need the 8 or so months it’s going to take before we get the update to build them.

What Are Armadillos & How to Use Them in Minecraft

Image via Mojang

Armadillos will be a new animal in Minecraft once Update 1.21 arrives. They’re so much more than a reskinned dog though. Players can seek out Armadillos and startle them to see them roll up into a block little ball.

As if watching them roll around various biomes wasn’t enough, players can also harvest Scute from Armadillos. This new resource can be utilized to create Wolf Armor, a brand new type of armor being added with Minecraft Update 1.21. While Wolf Armor would be fantastic to wear into battle, it’s actually a set of armor for a player’s pet wolf. It gives them a little extra armor when the bound off to defend their masters.

Where to Find Armadillos in Minecraft

Image via Mojang

Mojang has confirmed in its Minecraft Live 2023 catch-up post that Armadillos will appear in the Savannah Biome. This is the desert biome that most players probably encounter within the first few hours of playing a new save file because, let’s face it, the desert feels like it’s everywhere.

No specifics have been released just yet, but Mojang could make hunting and capturing Armadillos quite interesting if they gave them burrows. This is how the creatures live in real life, so it would fit with how the rest of the animals in Minecraft have been created, retaining the cohesive nature of the blocky world.