Gone But Not Forgotten quest guide – Destiny 2

Step by step.

Image by Bungie

The Festival of the Lost 2021 has introduced some new things for players to do, including the Gone But Not Forgotten quest. This will give players a brief run through the new mechanics in the game, such as Haunted Sectors and the different pages to collect.

The first thing to do is go and visit Eva Levante who can be found in the Tower courtyard. She will give you the Gone But Not Forgotten quest. After that, pick your mask from her and put it on, as you need to be wearing it to complete the challenges.

Stage 1

  • Spectral Page acquired – (0/3)
  • Candy Acquired – (0/100)

Spectral Pages can be gotten by completing activities like Strikes, Crucible games, and Gambit while wearing a Festival of the Lost Mask. You can also get them by completing bounties for Eva Levante. The Candy can be acquired by killing enemies while wearing a mask, and picking up the blue motes they drop.

Stage 2

  • Summoning Ritual complete

To complete this ritual, you need to enter a Haunted Sector, which can be done from the Destination screen in the Tower. You will need to make your way to the Summoning Circles in the Lost sector. They will be marked by a letter, then stand in them to some a Headless one. Take out as many as you can, then you will need to find a Hive boss.

From time to time a new Summoning Circle will appear, and you will need to summon a Headless one and kill it. They will drop Pumpkins that you can throw at the boss to damage their shield, opening them up to more health bar damage. When the boss is killed, you will get plenty of loot.

After that, you can return to Eva in the Tower and she will tell you to place your newly discovered Manifest Pages in the Book of the Forgotten which can be found to her right. Do this to finish up the quest, then speak with Eva again to get your reward.