How to find and complete Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2

The headless ones await you.

It is officially spooky time with the release of the Festival of the Lost event within Destiny 2. There are tricks to play, treats to find, and masks to wear, but this year, there is a new activity to earn your candy and Manifested Pages in, and it is a scary one. Instead of the usual Haunted Forest activity that we have had the last couple of years, Haunted Sectors are here to change the formula a bit, and the headless ones came with.

How to find Haunted Sectors

You will want to start by visiting the now decorated tower and acquiring the Gone But Not Forgotten quest from Eva Levante, the Festival of the Lost event vendor. She is located directly in front of where you land in the tower. After you pick up the quest, you must complete a playlist activity that will grant you 3 Spectral Pages and acquire 100 candy. We recommend doing a regular playlist strike, as both objectives will likely be completed after one run.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After completing this step, your quest will tell you to complete a Summoning Ritual within a Haunted Sector. At first, this may sound confusing, but entering the Haunted Sector activity is as simple as any other playlist activity within Destiny 2. Launch your director, then navigate to the Tower node. Once there, you will see a quest marker labeled Haunted Sector Playlist, click that, and you will launch. Before starting the Haunted Sector, be sure you have your favorite mask on.

Screenshot by Gamepur

How to complete Haunted Sectors

Once you enter the spooky new Haunted Sectors, you’ll notice capture zones scattered around the playspace. To progress the activity, stand in the capture zones to spawn the headless ones, a new mini-boss with a bright purple glowing pumpkin head. You will want to eliminate as many headless ones as possible within the given time, but once the time runs out, you will fight the main Haunted Sector boss.

The main boss has three damage phases, so you will need to take your time with them. Once their immune shield is activated, more capture zones will spawn, allowing you to spawn more headless ones. Once killed, the headless ones will drop a glowing orb, pick those up and throw them at the boss to bring down their shield. You may have to repeat this a few times, but once the boss is dead, you’ve completed the Haunted Sector. You can find your treats at the front of the room; just watch out for tricks while you are there.