How to find and complete Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2

The headless ones await you.

Image via Bungie

The Festival of the Lost has returned to Destiny 2. For this year’s event, we’re returning to clearing out Haunted Sectors. However, they have a new location and can now be found all over the EDZ. You will need to clear out these Haunted Sectors and defeat the Headless Ones that appear during the event to complete quests and earn Candy to give to Eva. Here’s what you need to know about how to find and clear out Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2.

How to find Haunted Sectors

You will want to start by visiting the now-decorated tower and acquiring the Event Card and the Gone But Not Forgotten quest from Eva. She will walk you through the steps of how you will need to wear your mask the entire time you are working your way through these areas, and you will be collecting the Spectral Pages, which are the critical reward for fighting against the many enemies featured in the Haunted Sectors. You can expect heavy resistance, even if it is a festive time of the year.

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You can only access Haunted Sectors after speaking with Eva, earning your Event Card, and working through this year’s quest.

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How to complete Haunted Sectors

The Haunted Sectors will work differently than a traditional Lost Sector adventure. However, the idea is the same, where you will be working through an area to defeat multiple enemies, taking them down to make it to the final boss at the end. There are a few Festival of the Lost twists, though.

When you arrive at the Haunted Sector, you will need to clear out the first part, and then you will need to summon the Headless Ones. These will be the minibosses you and your group will be battling against to earn mountains of Candy. You can summon them at the summoning circles throughout the Haunted Sector. There will be a timer showing how you can summon the Headless Ones.

Finally, after the timer runs out, the Forgotten Master will appear. You will now have to summon more Headless Ones, defeat them, toss Pumpkin Charges at them to lower their shield, and then take them out. After you defeat the boss, you will have completed the Haunted Sector, and you can score the loot from the boss’s chest.